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Starred with kids

Starred with kids

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If you can't get a free sky shop, cast the stars into the dark room! We make a constellation from a paperclip so you can use a flashlight to project the constellations onto the wall.

There's nothing better than spicy summer shopping at the lawn. In August, we always go out to the canopy with the kids and see how the stars glitter in the night. Even better, we roam around in our garden far from the populated countryside. What we discover in the morning is the dawn star, but by connecting the stars, we can find the Gentlemen's Star too. You can make a constellation from a simple paperclip, and then light up the flashlight with the flashlight below. There could be no better entertainment on a sleepless night.
What you will need:
  • papнrguriga
  • black / dark cardboard sheet or dark paper wrapping paper
  • ragasztу
  • gumigyыrы
  • festйk
  • felt pen
  • decorative patch (optional)
I also made two versions, in one case a star card is put on a cardboard. We cut out the star pattern template (clickable and saved by clicking on the link), which is placed on a cardboard sheet cut out in a circular shape to reveal the stars in the visible image.
The cardboard sheet is glued to the paper roll with cellux glue. This is followed by decorating the gourd with colored paper, which we can decorate with a décor patch, and even colored paper with cut out stars, or children can draw on it.
If we are bothered by cellux, we can cover it with a decorative patch.
In the other case, the star is made from wrapping paper based on the template, and this is stamped with a rubber band on a dense paperboard. The cardboard version is nicer. In either case, it is advisable to write the name of the constellation on the astronomer so that the children and us can easily learn it.

And if you're in the room right now, go free and find them at the lawn. And if we see a dead star in the middle, don't forget to ask for something!
Good fun! The author runs a popular blog called "The Smell of Sunlight", but you also find it on Facebook