That's why the November baby is so special

That's why the November baby is so special

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If you have a baby in November or a baby in November, we believe that the baby is really lucky. The baby's month of birth has an impact on our lives - there are a few reasons why November's babies are so special!

That's why the November baby is so special (Photo: iStock)

They're bigger than summer dolls

Babies born in the fall are generally larger at birth than babies born in the summer. Harvard research says they are longer at birth, At the age of 7 they are heavier than children born on the summer.

You will probably be good at sports

According to research on the athletic ability of school-age children, November children are the best at athletic sports. Those who have a birthday at this time are 10 to 15% better off than children born another season.

They had a lamp fire earlier

An interesting study looked at when children born in different seasons lie down: it turns out that children born in the fall and those born in the winter are more likely to get vaccinated in the spring than spring. November dolls are not night owls - this is good news for parents who have just gotten tired.

They are more likely to be left-handed if they are boys

According to a survey by the University of Vienna, left-handed children are the most born among boys born in November and January. The study looked at 13,000 people and found that 7.5% of women and 8.8% of men were left-handed. Examining the birth date of males, he found that between left-handed males November and January were very common.

Less toothy for certain diseases

A survey was conducted in the United Kingdom, which found that November birth reduces the risk of developing immune-related diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. Think about it, this could be for a higher vitamin D level during pregnancy, caused by the baby spending the sunny summer months in the tummy.

You bet they are going to die at an advanced age

November University of Chicago researchers find that November birthers are more likely to celebrate their 100th birthday than those born the other month. Oxford University neuroscientist Russell Foster says how long we are alive, how high we are, how good we are at school, how we have grown up in our body mass index, whether we are more owls or lame, is related to when we come to life (VIA)Related links: