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Data from our cycle

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If you want to get to know how your body works, it's worth making notes. It is worth keeping them graphically drawn in the Cycle Monitor table, on a cube sheet.

- When was your first menstruation?
- How long are the cycles, how long does bleeding last?
- How sunny was the shortest and longest cycle?
- Have you missed your period when you were not pregnant? Did you find out what caused it?
- What is the wake-up temperature on the different days of the cycle? How does this value change for the sake of bedtime, sickness, or other abnormal events? (It is also worthwhile to do the same during breastfeeding.)
- What is the average vaginal discharge at the vaginal inlet? (Observe daily three times daily for the first two cycles.)
- What are the typical physical symptoms of the cycle on different days? (For example: headache, somnolence, insomnia, tight sensation, or abdominal pain.)
- How does our sexual activity change during the cycle? Are there any cooler or just "cooler" days when it's hard to get on fire?
- How do we develop our physical and mental capacity during the cycle?