A mother should think about this before traveling

A mother should think about this before traveling

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If you want to travel, you don't have to give up your hobby with a toddler - you just need more preparation and attention to organize an excursion.

Traveling with babies and toddlers - not a lightweight genre for routine worlds. After all, you have to pay attention to everything you didn't before your baby was born! If we love to travel, please alert us to the long, complexity it seems! You get into it soon. It's worthwhile before you go list it everything we want to take with us, so maybe staying at home with less currency. The list can be used later and on other occasions, and can be customized according to our needs and experience. The child shapes it himself, because as he grows up, the line of necessity always changes a little.

Let's find out more about the accommodation!

When booking a reservation, it is worth clarifying how much bababarбt the place we go to, how prepared you are for welcoming small-child families. Do you have a baby, feeding chair, diaper, baby stroller, bike rental, do you have a playground? Is it possible to order baby food or children's menu in the restaurant? If we bring bribes ourselves, where can we heat them? If the diet is small, are the criteria for preparing the diet? The time of your trip should preferably not be the time when you need to give your baby a check-up or a status as a pediatrician for protection. After the evacuation wait at least a week travel, not strangers to deal with potential vaccine disease!

There is a flutter

When we travel to an exotic country, we definitely need to know what kind of vaccinations we may need, and what diseases, conditions, and rules that apply to water and the outside world. Let's consider that different anvil you may not like your child and do not want to eat local specialties. It is worth taking your baby home from abroad, and choose the benefits you already have. The composition of baby food bought abroad may not be understood in a particular foreign language, and may not even be familiar with the small ones. Be on the go with food and drink, diaper accessories, outerwear, thicker clothes (if the air cools), blankets, toys, sleeping. We call a bag worthy trash.

Only cool the air!

Be careful with the air conditioning! There should never be much difference between the outside and the inside temperature, and the structure should not be too small for the air. Let's explore our goal here on the Internet! Let's see where we can buy, where there is a drugstore, where is the pediatric clinic, care, hospital. Don't rush and search while you're in trouble! Prior to departure, select the OEP EU kбrtyбt for ourselves and for our child (ren). This document entitles you to be entitled to medically necessary treatment in the Member States of the European Economic Area and in Switzerland. Come on, that is, let us have the most necessary drugs! If you are going out for the warmer months or going to ski, do not forget about sunscreen and suntan lotion. If you are prone to maternal herpes (which can also occur in the environment), you should provide antiviral treatment in advance. It is advisable to apply the anti-herpes remedy on the skin when itching and sensing the skin. Prepare for Potential Diarrhea and Vomiting - Be sure to prepare the right remedies there! For mild diarrhea, small children can take activated charcoal. You may also need a proper hygienic application against gold bullion. If a pregnant mother is taking a baby-protecting foam or a baby-protecting multivitamin, take it with you too. You also need to be as proactive about painkillers and analgesics. Also, make sure you have all the supplies and accessories you need to keep your nose clean when packing.
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