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Summer Tubs - You Can Apply Now With Gluten Free And Milk-Free Diet, Turmeric And Tales

Summer Tubs - You Can Apply Now With Gluten Free And Milk-Free Diet, Turmeric And Tales

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If your child is ready for recruitment, you are sure to have a good time, and you can go to work with a relaxed heart or just breathe in at home and bring in the backlogs.

We are offering two locations now. It is one of the highest-populated settlements in the country, Mátra-Szentmár, the other one in Budapest.

Daržzshegyi art and health wine for children(Gluten-free and / or milk-free diet available!)

Mбtraszentimrйn it is always wonderfully clean air and slightly cooler than most parts of the country. It's more than a summer. The settlement is surrounded by forests with wonderful places to visit. The Daržzshegy Guesthouse and its wooden houses provide all the comfort of those who are attracted by the mountain. Owners - Tünde йs Mбrk - thought of a great one and teamed up with the local educators to organize a creative health club for the little ones. Among our programs are spearfishing and medicine, basketball, clay, disc, felting, batik. There is nature roaming and nature familiarization between the programs.
Children can play trampolines, play hiking, table tennis and feathering in their spare time.
Special attention is paid to healthy eating in the cow. Customers are experienced in purchasing and preparing gluten and / or milk-free diets, and can provide this to their customers when needed.
Dates: July 1, 2012 to July 6, or July 15, 2012 to July 20, or August 5, 2012 to 10.
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Switching gears

Bilimbou's house, Naphim and Ubud hippo-hops, the kid changes as he wants. Kati and Andi are expecting Billy, a kindergarten environment for kids and schoolgirls, with lots of games and shops. Once again, there will be exciting knightly, royal, genius, pirate, little mermaid, dynamic, Montessori, environmentally friendly, and painting. The topics of the fairy tale are: Terka-tales, Boribon-tales, Bori, the series of friends. In the pet club, the kids get to know the animals. there will be an English cheesecake wine where the team will play English for a week and organize a green camp on the secrets of the environment.


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