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So do they call it properly?

So do they call it properly?

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If you are born into the family for the newborn, then what does most mothers throw on the wall is the following: Is that what they call it?

Whilst bones look like women's models in fashion magazines, babies should always be a must have puffs and meat. But is it the number of loops that counts for health, and can the only purpose be to show more in the balance? When it comes to the advent of nutrition, you should be on your feet to find the balance between family expectations, medical and healing suggestions, good advice, and one-on-one loss.

I didn't let him do it

Ludmann-Vank Liza

- My baby was born at 3050 grams, by week 38 - starts the story early Ludmann-Vank Liza. - So it was fine until a month ago, small but proportional, but then our pediatrician said it was too small and recommended diet. Which my mother did not accept. And not the second, third, fourth, after five months I started feeding her, but I could not eat more than two spoons on the head. The home doctor then sent us a warning, which revealed that Zuffi's low immunoglobulin levels, which are nutritional allergy, are the most important of all. We got a date many times, so it was nine months since we got here. Coming to a bar date, we had to wait. Two hours later, I gave birth to the chief who sent us for a few tests, saying they would be needed anyway. When I received the findings of the abdominal ultrasound and chest x-ray, I knocked on the chief doctor who was extremely rude. He said that he had been dealing with children with very serious metabolic disorders at night, and that my baby apparently had no problem, so I wouldn't disturb her and give birth sometime. and urine test results), the only problem with him is obviously that he is still breastfeeding and that is why he comes to me. He's definitely not eating well and enough, but I bet they'll feed him. He put me in a feeding chair, brought me into the kitchen and sent me out. My child was screaming, as they spit, my heart broke, but I couldn't go back because the door could only be opened from the inside. Luckily for me, the cat came up and I went back with it. Rhyme's scene was received. Three were captured by Zuffi, and the fourth pushed the baby in as he opened his mouth. They told me to go out because it was a wilderness area, but I had no idea: I got out of the diet and took it out. The chief doctor got very angry when she heard and said in my case she could suggest one solution every day put the kid in the town at nine, and leave him there until six in the evening. Meanwhile jуl then quit kуros kцtхdйst kivбltу szoptatбsrуl, йs rбadбsul they will learn kцszцnhetхen kivбlуan enni.Termйszetesen said no to this, which has become the kцvetkezmйnye to the beleнrtбk zбrуjelentйsbe: szьksйgesek tovбbbi vizsgбlatok lennйnek, but these йdesanya megtagadta.Ezek utбn the kerьltьnk To St. Lucia's Court, where, without any particular belief, we have kindly and normally examined the imprint, and fortunately no difference in curves, no food allergies have been found. Our doctor said he knew the chief of the other hospital. He thinks he is an excellent professional, though he knows that his style and methods are a bit soldier. He may be an excellent professional, but I dare not think of what the children who, in a similar situation, are admitted to the hospital for days and reluctant to learn to eat.

I learned how to eat healthily

One of my earliest memories is that my mother is following me: Well, I have a bite, Timmik, and I yell, "No cook!" - tells Tнmea. - But when I was a little student, the cube turned: from then on I listened not to eat so much, especially scold. It's a miracle that I didn't have a serious eating disorder, even though I was close to it when I was a teenager. My mother always loved to cook, so to say, feeding is her love language. Her parents, especially my grandmother, were there, how nice, healthy, plump baby I was, and it was always a central topic to eat "the kid". Then I went to school and it suddenly became clear that I was a dozen to the rest. He then tried to consume it in his own way: he stated that I could not eat chocolate or chocolate. But we still ate potatoes with potatoes, lots of bread, and snacking left over: a little breadcrumbs, a banana, or just a glass of fruit. I fell in love, .The method worked wonderfully, the kicks really melted on me - and I didn't want to stop. Fortunately, the mother of my best friend, who took care of her wits, corrected the situation, and took care of her wings. Her dietetic friend helped We set up a sample schedule for meand I still feed on it today. It took a long time for it to become natural for me to eat regularly, but at a time, and to eat healthily. But I think it was worth the suffering. My baby is now one year old and fortunately we have no conflict over eating. Of course, my mother would feed her all the time, but she would follow what I asked her to do, because she wouldn't want her granddaughter to have the same problems she had before.

In general, he was not backward

"When our first child was born, we were all over," he says Richter Katalin. - All my children were breastfeeding by the age of fifteen, and had been given breast milk until the age of two. At first I believed that I had to start nutrition sooner, but I knew right away that it was not cut out. I never cooked for the kids: garnished with fries from our broth, they ate the same vegan diet as we did. Hos never ate, though they could, since my grandfather is seventeen years old. The smallest big rarely eat fish, that's all. Of course, they consume milk, eggs, dairy products.At the time I first expected, the nurse screamed that she would have a developmental disorder if she was on a vegan diet, but of course she wasn't right. My grandfather wears a pair of 48's shoes, and he is a tall, fast, good-minded man with no other low father. So he was not at all underdeveloped, in fact. I know a couple of vegetarian families, and the rest have the same experience. I thought for a long time that this was mainly due to eating meat-free. Today, I think it's more important that it's always quality raw materials prepared food on our table. I have a hand mill, in which I grind wheat for bread and plantain. I make organic milk from yoghurt and cheese, buy greens from a family-friendly farm, and cook fresh every day.

Do not want to meet external requirements!

- The most common mistake parents make when it comes to feeding small children is that they do not look at the child's needs, they want to match some kind of external template - says Andrea Gyбnyi gasztropszicholуgus. - This can lead to very serious eating disorders, among others. That's why I say: if you have a suspicious baby, a family member, a doctor, or a doctor, that something is wrong, of course you should examine the child, but if it turns out that you have no organ problems, .

Do not roll over the diner

If relatively healthy and varied, a age appropriate If food is offered to her, she will eat as much as she needs. Every child, like every adult, has a different energy use and metabolism. Therefore, it is conceivable that one child leaves nothing of the same kind, while the other only gives a pinch, while they are both healthy. they are the most effective way of curing, but family therapy. Related articles:
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