There are 5 reasons why your doctor may recommend an emergency cure

There are 5 reasons why your doctor may recommend an emergency cure

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Although every pregnant mother has an idyllic idea of ​​how she wants to give birth to her baby, unfortunately things do not always go according to these ideas.

There are 5 reasons why your doctor may recommend an emergency cureDr. Therese Guinto According to a maternity practitioner, a doctor (among others) may promptly request emergency cesarean section for the following reasons.

1. You are not a pretext

"Even if you have given birth, the contractions may not be intensive enough to make the baby happy," says Dr. Guinto. "Ideally, when a pregnant mother is in the active parent phase, she should pay 1.2 cents for her first birth, and 1.5 cents for her second and third births.

2. There is a problem with bedding

The ъn. placenta previa, that is, a lumpy placenta, may also cause intervention. In this case, the placenta virtually blocks the path of the baby, and in addition, the mother may have severe bleeding, so it is clear that the doctor has chosen the goblet. Emergency cesarean section may also be caused if the lining has been removed from the uterus, which in addition to bleeding may also hinder the transport of oxygen to the baby.

3. Above the cord

We can talk about getting a baby cord when the baby goes down before the baby. That is why it is very dangerous because the baby's outwardly pressed head can squeeze the cord so that it does not get blood and oxygen to the baby. The situation automatically involves a cesarean section.

4. You have herpes

Even so, it is necessary for the cup to prevent the baby from getting infected. This is most acute if the mother has active herpes, or may have moles or problems with herpes.

5. The baby did not turn

"If the baby does not turn and pop in the butt, it will not automatically require surgical intervention," says Dr. Guinto. However, he emphasizes that he did cupping is the safest choice. "It is always our goal to prevent trouble when possible," he says, as it can lead to bruising and nerve killing. Experienced doctors may be able to translate the baby, but in this case the cord may be wrapped around the small neck (via articles in Cupping:
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