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You can bid on the works of Down syndrome and children

You can bid on the works of Down syndrome and children

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For the third time, the works of the "Art Integral" program will be featured under the hammer. The artwork was produced by Down syndrome and children.

On November 21, the Down Association is organizing a jury auction in Budapest, within the framework of the Art Integration Program. More than 40 artworks are being auctioned by more than a hundred children with Down syndrome and contemporary paintings. The event's captain, János Hornynyi, chairman of the Ablon Foundation, will also conduct the auction during the opening of the auction, which will be opened by a special tour guide. The program is supported by contemporary painters such as Zoltán Debreczeny, ef. István Zabmbu, Judith Horvath, Balabs Laab, Rosbab Gabb, Sabab Gabriel, Sunnyogh Victoria, Timk Bomb, Tuth Joseph, and Wahorn Andrb. The paintings will be presented at a fun auction at the Down Association on November 21 at the KOGART House. The association translates donations from the auction into the Miracle Garden, which is planned for the Wonderful Early Development Center.
"Down Egyesьlet hбromйves elхkйszнtх munkбjбnak kцszцnhetхen in 2011 megnyнlt the Csodavбr Early Fejlesztх Centrum kцzel beruhбzбs 50 forints milliу fхleg magбnadomбnyokbуl йs цnkйntes munkбbуl valуsult at the egyedьlбllу mуdon, fogadу tцbbsйgi children -.. Kibхvнtett jбtszуhбzzal - kцzpont tцlt in hiбnypуtlу role. Over a year, thousands of children need early development, "said Kisari Kбroly, president of the Down Association.
"The Csodavбr kнvбn segнteni the gyermeknevelйsben those szьlхknek, gyermekьk kйpessйgeinek йs megismerйsйben kibontakoztatбsбban who tartjбk important to fogyatйkkal йlх or tцbbsйgi gyermekьk the lehetх most harmonious szemйlyisйggй fejlхdhessen. The Wonder Gardens is a йlmйny йs fejlesztхkцzpont that цtvцzi the hagyomбnyos jбtszуhбzi labyrinths йs the Germany will create a garden based on sensory sensations developed by Kьkelhaus, and will be extraordinary to supplement the current Wizard's special tools for early development, "added the president of the association.