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Six sex task

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It is a tremendous effort in the relationship if the child is not grasped after a long trial. Until then, natural, frantic sex will be a practical exercise that needs to be completed in time, quantity, and medical advice. No wonder his light is dying.

Hat sex

Andrea your story is not unique. Almost all couples in similar situations tell the same thing, as many who dare to admit the truth. Because the majority does not talk about the secret room, even if they are terribly oppressed. Or just that, nothing happens. - Making kids is like that, that's the way it is - says Andrea. - And at first we liked getting together to make something really big. There is no need to make excuses, just be mindful of the others and think about having a baby soon. That way, for years, maybe three quarters, we weren't overwhelmed by any bad thoughts. And then, when he came many times, I began to doubt. The next step, when the calendar defines everything. I think of my egg as a lonely, independent figure, and it comes to my mind when it comes to the big meeting. But this is not a big problem either, as it has its own romance. In fact, at first, it could be exciting. Come on, darling, tonight we are waiting for you and the egg. We still manage to shake our way to our common goal. A year passes. Neither childish nor optimistic, and you are beginning to get bored of "must". The miracles are coming, a tense struggle for fertility. And today, the world is open to putting the right keywords on the net, and I can train myself as an infertility expert in March. Billings Method, June Method, Kinesiology, Disappointed Therapist, Correspondence with Non-Presence Child, Spiritual Elective Therapist, Bach Virgotherapy, Psychology. medical line Also, I got a hormone treatment. During these years, everything was set on the calendar, so how could you have sex? We are nervous when it comes to evening recap. It is always reckoned that it is either right now or not. None of us are fooling us. If we are good on time, what if it's not good, then why? It's as if we've forgotten that we'll ever be out of a mere circle. And, of course, the atmosphere at home is lethargic, because every month I cure. I died of all menstruation, when I arrived, I wept the small life I had not conceived. I have also mourned my own abandoned soul and the whole life of misery, which I live, without meaning and without any meaningful content. At the beginning of the month, she still shimmers a little, in the middle of the night we have to squeeze our throats, and at the end we get excited. Or I don't know, my dear how it is. At first, we discussed everything very carefully, including the last detail, but when he once said that I'm not a woman anymore, but an organ system, I got locked up. You are still right, I can't talk about the pregnancy and the treatment of the infertility all the time. Even if the sun comes back to my mind twenty times a day.It is impossible to relax. But we break down the best wines, organize Lucullus dinners, no more. When it comes to sex, we get sick and think that we have children. And we always made kids. So it took a year to dare say no to sex. To be tired, to be crappy, and to ask him to do it in the past. Seriously, I don't remember who said it first. It was so high in the air that I don't want to make love, I do not want to fail again, facing the barrenness that both of us breathe in for a free evening. Because for us, this free night, sex-free. We are misleading the whole world many times, but of course the conscience is that we have not worked too hard. All we know is only our guilt and we are told a thousand times before we fall asleep that we are relieved of sexlessness: I love you so much, darling! When injections, drug timing, you can't get out of the way, but both of us are already overwhelmed by the mood of the evening. It happened that I didn't get my brother on the phone. I was getting more and more nervous, seven weeks later, and no sign of life. When we were able to speak, he had a defiant voice and said he was going out to mate with friends. I cracked not to dare, and I said, you know it was going today. Of course he knew. He replied that he would be good tomorrow. I fucked myself, and we didn't do it the other day, I was incapable of it. Also, defiantly.We have come to the conclusion that if you have to have sex, you will not go to the hips. All that remains is the sure method, the myth, where there is external aid. This way, every couple who goes to an infertility treatment will be in a real bear. Meanwhile, we are desperately struggling to get back the old-fashioned sex we knew before childrens day. Even rarely, but sometimes it succeeds.Utуirat: With the help of the flask program, Andrea became pregnant, and is now in its fifth month. Now they dared to breathe first with their chick and gently approach each other. They believe this will be a bad memory for the whole period.

And what was it like?

Zsuzsanna Bede sexologist would not call Andrea unique. Every relationship is heavily burdened with such a procedure, and there are problems where there is a problem usually - no sex - and others only occasionally have such problems. If you were good and enjoyable, chances are you could reverse the process. However, in many cases, the problems of childhood have only made it clear that the problems have always been hidden there. Neither does the parties respond in the same way to infertility treatment. Usually, the person who is less motivated is the more sensitive (and it gets harder) and this is usually the man. At this point, the body is a signal and one expects male quasi-impotence, even though he only remembers the situation. Today only the body is involved - implantation, lung destruction, hormone administration - even though the psyche is at least as important an organ as the rest. If you have problems like this, it is best to get in touch with a specialist first so that things don't get worse.More articles in this topic:
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