There is a baby born without a face at home

There is a baby born without a face at home

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We let the baby born out of the hospital without a face.

October is the beginning of the little one Rodrigo When she was born, her parents learned that the baby missed part of her skull, her nose and eyes. Parents filed a petition for maternity leave, and the Portuguese Medical Chamber suspended the doctor at the end of October following a report.Baby is born without a face at home (photo: iStock) The nuns Artur Carvalhуfor half a year, he was banned from practicing by the Disciplinary Committee of the Medical Chamber. Gynecologist cared for an expectant mother in a private private clinic, who had no problems with the previous ultrasound examination. When parents discovered a possible anomaly during the sixth month of pregnancy, she explained that the parents may not even see the face at all times. Complaint: Since 2013, she has been complained about six times.The baby was released from the hospital after 40 days, the doctors have given her a very small chance of being absent, because she has some important sensory deficiencies. The professionals thought it would take a couple of moments for a child to die. Breathing is still difficult for the baby, but his condition seems to be improving. Parents are confident that the baby can grow stronger over time.
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