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10 positive effects of hysteria

10 positive effects of hysteria

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Believe it or not, hysterics are one of the most important states of emotional development in young children. And, needless to say, it is also one of the greatest challenges to the role of a parent.

Hysterics also have advantages

When our toddler smiles, we feel like a good parent. But when he screams across the floor screaming, we become helpless and think we've done something wrong. But not. Believe it or not, hysterics are a natural thing, important to a toddler's life, and have 10 positive effects on development. What are these? has collected what it is good for your child to believe!

1. It is better for you to publish the dummy

The lungs contain the stress hormone cortisol, so when we we literally do away with our sins And the tension. Therefore, if your baby is brushing, don't break it, let yourself give in to the dehydration, you will find that afterwards it will be much calmer and liberated. Of course, be right there next to it, because it will only be easier and more restful if your loved one can be close to dehydration.

2. Maybe he's learning from it

Are you crazy but your little one can't fit the cubes and lose his head because of it? After you think about yourself, you see, he will try it again and do it! He expressed his frustration with the hysterics, and after the storm had passed, he was now learning a new thing in a balanced, easy way.

3. He sleeps more peacefully

Like adults, children find it difficult to fall asleep or wake up often at night when their heart is pushed. Stressful people and nights try to process what happened to us. If you do not try to interfere with the hyster during the day, but are trying to calm yourself down, you will feel better and be able to sleep more peacefully.

4. You are effective in saying "no" to him

Of course, no child likes to hear "no," but basically it's good for them. Because with that you teach him where the border is, how long you can go to feel safe, and when you hear this, you will know when to behave correctly. Many parents also allow their child what they really do not want, just to avoid hiccups, emotional storms. If you can say no, it means that you are aware of your parenting responsibilities and responsibilities.

5. It is safer for you to share your niche with you

Hystique is a huge bull, even if you don't buy it. The hysterical expression of his feelings is unbelievable, but many times he just needs to say no to him. Feel free to say "no" to her, but at the same time share in the grief, be understanding and empathetic and give him lots of love if you are angrybecause that is what is waiting for you.

6. The Hist brings you closer together

Even if it's hard to believe, but it is, just be patient and listen. The bar does not look, but your hysterical little child appreciates being there next to difficult moments. Allow yourself to pry yourself, try to calm her down, say nice words, and offer her to observe you. Your child is like that you will know that you love and accept him unconditionallyand feel closer to you.

7. Improve your child's behavior over the long term

Your child's emotional development is manifested in many ways. Sometimes in the form of aggression, sometimes in lack of sharing, sometimes in difficulty in dressing. These are all signs that your child is struggling with his senses. This is how you get to know yourself and learn to cooperate.

8. If you believe in the home, you are at a greater risk of not being in a public place

Most children drool more often at home than outside the walls of the house. What are you doing? Because at home, their parents are more open to hysterics and more attentive to their children. The more successful you are at delivering your home, the less you will cry in public, which may be a lot more unpleasant for you. Therefore, if you start exercising at home, wait until you calm down, listen to it, listen to it, and then just leave.

9. Doing something hysterical that most people have forgotten

As your child grows, she will cry less and less. What are you doing? Because he learns how to handle his senses. Our society is incapable of expressing feelings, even though we, as adults, are often relieved to give up our affections or give ourselves away. This is a major distress for men as well, since from the outset, they want to be weak. Allow your child to believe, let your feelings flow for as long as you can.

10. The histi is also to your advantage

When our child is believing, he or she may think about how our parents behaved at that time. Our children can stir up our memories and encourage us to be a better parent. Did your parents not listen to you? Then you should pay attention to your child, treat him as well as you would have done well. Of course, being a calm parent is not easy at all, it takes a lot of practice. But don't give up, just practice and you'll find that everyone benefits.Related Articles:
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