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Do we just get the lighttуl?

Do we just get the lighttуl?

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We go wrong with the so-called "light" variants of reviews, sweets, and other products, so we won't become leaner. Because of the "light" label, we tend to consume more of these products.

Do we just get the lighttуl?

Most people feel guilty when it comes to consuming certain delicacies. However, for sugar-free diets called "light" variants, the majority believes that they can consume more of them, so they will not lose their desired weight, even: for weight gain it can happen. "Whether it's chips, chocolate or linden, you can tend to consume more of these, the "light" label has the effect of eating more of these, so it is more common to end up being fatigued than losing weight "- sums up the research Joost Pennings marketing professor at the University of Wageningen.Recent research also suggests that it is not only through the initial awareness that we can consume our favorite foods without guilt, but that we can also .On average 13 calories more are consumed in the first year than the previous ones, so those who have just changed their health and body weight to buy a product called "light" profit from your consciousness, which we take into account when eating sugary, fatty foods, now has a number of "light" versions of it. The research will soon be published in the International Journal of Research Marketing.
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