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Last minute tips for dads

Last minute tips for dads

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To avoid it, "Uh, one more tie!" type sentences, we collected a couple of unique ideas for dads.

Stylish and recycled

In the Hungarian design market, WAMP, we ran into this innovation and we really fell in love with it. The recycled tabletops and lap tops that are recycled from sweet tooth are sure to toss in male hairs. This week, you will find their booth at Millenárris Park on a golden Sunday.

Kiss Gбbor CUVЙE 365 Villбny

There is a Bormûle on Pannуnia Street, where the kind sellers can help exactly those who are completely inane in the world of wine. One of the latest tips for this holiday is Little Gbor's "365" wine. Its price range is friendly, yet amazingly caracas and fine wine, the price of the store sells one of the best choices. If you want something "for something" then it may be perfect, but of course there are plenty of fine wines in the shop and the sellers are very helpful in choosing.

Pig - The mangalica

It may be a middleman, but nice flesh is somehow more tied to men. The publication Mangalica cnmы tells us all about this world-wide Hungarian breed. Let's get to know the story, inspired by the recipes of the best Hungarian chefs. This volume provides a detailed study of the history of the variety and its characteristics, and the second half of this volume presents the chefs of the best Hungarian restaurants and what they can do with mangalica. If the propitiated dad has a tendency to cook and good luck, this book may be an exclusive gift. You'll also find the Boook Publishing stand at Millenbar Park on WAMP on Sunday.

Tricks for parents

Why do we recommend this book to dads? Because my husband said he really likes it. Brief situation descriptions of common situations that need to be addressed and dealt with in small children, followed by a brief and practical solution. It is very interesting that the bar does not say great innovations, since there is a half sentence for every word that offers a solution that has not been applied yet. Fine, practical, good style and very useful.
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