Super busy for the New Year's Eve party if you spend it with the kids

Super busy for the New Year's Eve party if you spend it with the kids

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So that you don't have to give up on a New Year's Eve with a kid or a party celebrating the year, kick off a super family party the last day of the year. Here are some tips for your entire family to enjoy the New Year's Eve party!

Make masks!

Most kids love to move in, for a short time their favorite fairy tale, animal, etc. to wear skin. Fortunately, not only carnival gives us the opportunity to wear costumes, because We can also make jackets and hats for New Year's Eve, which will also set the mood for the kids. On New Year's Eve, make masks with face paint, masks in color, glittering paper, or even painted paper for evening costume.

Party drink for the little ones

To give the kids what they need to clap at noon, make a slightly fruity punch. To do this, mix some of your favorite fruit juices and even the adults have been bullied, tasted and diced with cubed fruits.

Countdown with balloons and games

Early in the evening, you can start a countdown to a new one by refreshing some of the blankets and then hanging them on your living room ceiling. Draw or stick a number on each balloon to symbolize the men? for amongst the balloons, every one of us in the city, one who is a popcorn. Before you blow up the balloons, put a note in each one, with some gambling, fun activity, what the family can do until the next balloon comes out.

Уйvi photo album

Print some of the year-round family photos, vacations, holidays, and get a beautiful photo album. With your kids, stick your favorite photos on the eve, And decorate with paint, glitter, confetti, whatever you like. Remember to write down your current copy at the beginning so you can recall the events of this year at any time.


If the kids aren't too small, yeah it is common for you to make vows for the New Year, you will not miss them either. Make a list of what you have planned for next year so you can see what you have accomplished at the end of next year.

Confetti instead of fireworks

If you can't see your fireball from home, make a colored pineapple? non-figurative, mexican, old papric party clocks that hide the sweetness ?, and fill it with colors and glitter confetti, serpentine, candy. Hang the pinata on the ceiling, because the essence of this party is that you have to hang it with a stick, a beach party, so that the candy can spill out. At noon, labor can start, so instead of fireworks, confetti will fall, and of course, little candy for the kids.


Make a party playlist of dancing sliders and put in the music before or after the clapping. Organize a Family Dance Competition where you can rewrite each other's choreography by giving points to each other. Jumping and dancing will help kids to eliminate excess energy so they won't have to worry about going to bed after the celebration.


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