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Kindergarten, witch choice: the most important informationImportant information

Kindergarten, witch choice: the most important informationImportant information

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How do you choose high school or wisdom? And what is the guarantee that my child will be included in his or her institution? A couple of the information you're good at if you're clear.

Kindergarten Selection, Winning Election: Fighting for Places

Szlli's Aspects

On what basis should we cast our vote in favor of an institution? And what are some aspects worth considering before you introduce your child there? Take it in turn!

The educator, the person of the nurse

When choosing a kindergarten, your wisdom we try to take into consideration a number of aspects, but it seems that the educator who deals with our children is always the most important criterion.In the forums, the institution highlighted the most sympathetic person of the educator in the election. Indeed, we all leave our children quieter where the loving turn, patience, and attention we have in our group. The legacy of educating people in the yard, talking on the phone, and doing little with children, which we experience first of all at the kindergarten, does not gloss over that institution, nor does it leave us with any trust. It is our understanding that the price list of the kindergarten meets our values ​​and ideas. This gives us some idea of ​​what aspects and values ​​will be used to deal with the child being cared for. But where can we gain experience before enrolling?

Open days

In our opinion, they are a great help to us open days, when we can watch the work of the educators at work, but many kindergartens are open to seeing them in groups each year. In this case, we can assess the equipment of the kindergarten, the condition of the yard (is there room for the kid to have more than one day of free movement and play) and the equipment of the group rooms. It is important that our children attend these events as much as possible.

The director of the department

The communication and mentality of the head of the department itself was emphasized in important aspects. Of course, the company is always shaped by the people who work there, and the leadership has a key role to play. We had an institution that fell out of the grid because I met with the department manager for two minutes and convinced me that his kindergarten was not our place. He himself gave it to me, of course.

Net tйrkйpezйs

Well, yes. Women are often questioned by their friends and friends before choosing a women's crib and kindergarten. For example, online forums and communities are a great place to share experiences. mom asks me before enrolling, exchange experience, keep informed. Some people make a note of whether they are familiar with the school and, by expressing their views, outdo their ideas about the school. These experiences can also be very important for you.


Larger cities live for a cardinal request to how much to travel a littlehow long it takes to get out of work for him. How can we adjust our work to keep the school open? It is no good for a local kindergarten if the workplace is far from us and we cannot solve the problem of transporting our child. Unfortunately, many people do not have the option of being a guaranteed place for a local kindergarten.

A little extra

And, although we know that the most important aspect is the person who cares for our children, there is an increasing demand for outside services, specialties, and occupations that a particular institution can provide to the children there. Does Autumn Carry It? Can you go play football? Is it possible to learn a language in kindergarten? Is there a shower room? - For many parents, these are important aspects.


It should definitely be highlighted aspect of the change. Although the EMMI's "canteen" regulation clearly states that "any person requiring a certified diet in a parenting education institution should have this diet in place at least once a year." Parents.It is in any case worthwhile to make sure that the institution in question actually complies with the Regulation and the quality of the diet that meets the individual needs of the child of a given age. Ask for a diet plan, find out where the food is delivered to the baby, and keep it safe during transport and storage to ensure that the food is not gluten-free. These appear to be rabies, but the parents of an allergic child are aware of how much trouble a dieter can cause.

Special needs

And let's not forget those who have a special education need or who have a disease that makes it a good idea to start looking for an institution to receive your bet sooner. There are schools in which special groups are created for children with special needs or for sick children. Mбsutt try to integrate parenting for these children in an integrated way. And there are institutions that are rigidly blocking, for example, the solution to a child with diabetes insulin.


Many of us hope that our children will be in a crowded kindergarten and in large groups. An important aspect of attention and security is how burdensome the kindergarten teacher is, and it is a worthwhile effort to be clear about the data. According to CSO data, in 2017 the utilization rate of nursery schools was 84 percent.Running through the data of the Central Statistical Office, I was surprised to find that no significant change took place on this site. In 1990, for example, there were 11 to 12 children per year, while the number dropped to 10 by 2016-17. It is true that the figures for the past 26 years have been around these figures until recently. The average number of children in the kindergarten shows a slight decrease: in 1990 there were 24 children per group of children, from 21 to 22 persons in 2016-17. This is more favorable in the wineries and in some private institutions, as there are fewer groups working there.

Fighting for kindergarten jobs

September 1, 2014 Children aged 3 years and older are required to attend school The National Curriculum vitae is available. Initially, the 2014-2015 school year had to provide local governments with the appropriate number of pre-school places (revised before September 1, 2015 - edited by).

But can you insure?

As the topic of the struggle for kindergarten in countless forums, community, I have postponed the fact that we are in a place of beds. Since 2015, the state has sponsored programs aimed at expanding preschool and barn pubs by several billion forints. Looking at the number of beds, the first notable change point is made at the turn of the millennium: from now on, there is a tendency to have far fewer children at school than there are beds. And although the number of places in the bar has increased from year to year 2008, unfortunately, the number of children enrolled in kindergarten has decreased at national level. For example, in 2014, the CSO reported 59,000 more places than there were children in kindergarten.What is the reason for fighting for some institutions in March? Probably because we have a free choice of kindergarten in principle, but it's actually more complicated. Opportunities provided by the local kindergarten do not necessarily meet the parents' needs (eg the parents are not able to solve the trip between the workplace and the parent's educational background, etc.). the primary task of the enrollment of the children in the ward, there may be more sign-ups and more battles for the remaining places.

And what about the Bohemia bays?

One of the goals of the European Union is to have 33 percent of people under the age of 3 go to wedlock (though a 2015 survey estimates that three quarters of women eligible for parental leave spend the entire period at home, The most important element in the work of mothers with young children was the development of the institution of the Bihar. In the highest proportions, this is marked by women living in the capital and those with higher education. 1000 new seats were created in 2014, in 2015 approx. 2,000 children did not have access to Békéscsaba. Small settlements can be severely disadvantaged if their wilderness needs are low, that is, the smaller the settlement, the smaller the number of places, and, of course, the size of the country is very large. According to CSO data, in Hungary less than one-fifth of children under the age of three went to an institution providing day-to-day care in 2015. And a study from the Court reveals that in 2016, worshipers and family sunbathers together provided more than 16 percent seats for under three-year-olds.As of January 1, 2017, according to legal requirements, all localities where there are at least 40 children under the age of 3, or where the parents of at least 5 children are eligible for service, must be provided - this is true for one third of the settlements, about 530-550 settlements, however, only 142 chose to place jobs in the advertised applications. Although the widening of the boulevards is planned for 2020, according to the study, this will still not be enough to meet the legal conditions.

What is the choice of kindergarten?

Sejben Joseph Director of the Kistelek TKI Educational and Child Welfare Institution the most important consideration is always the consideration of parents' needs. Of course, the school needs to provide a place for children in their 3rd year of life, but the remaining places can be chosen in a variety of different ways. this is also the case between April 20th and May 20th) the school manager will consider each aspect. The list of institutions and municipalities based on the order of application also continues to function. For this reason, it is good not to let us know at the last minute if you want to bring your child into the institution. Other settlements do not have a wish list, but on the basis of different social and personal considerations, they should try to choose among the children who can enter.

What are the aspects taken into account at the time of incorporation?

These may include the parent's work status, the child's social status (eg if the grandparent is raised by an elderly grandparent or has multiple socially disadvantaged family status), the child's Joseph said he might be interested in asking for a job certificate for his sex drive. While there is more room in the school for hiring up to a couple of children over and above the normative frame, it is very important to follow the frame number in the burgh bar. " local circumstances.This - although not obligatory to present at enrollment - may be an important consideration if the child is to enter into a small crib worship.Also, the length of time the child wishes the child to decide. as part of his worship allowance. If only for a couple of days, those who require full weekly care for their children for their work will obviously benefit. There is also a rational reason for this - József Sejben explains: normative support is certainly influenced by the number of days spent in the institution.

What do I need to sign up?

In Sejny, Joseph helped me gather what parents need to bring with them to enroll:
  • the child's TAI card
  • the child's birth certificate
  • the identity document of the parent (and, in the case of a foreign national, residence permit)
  • the child's home card
  • the child's vaccination book
With the help of the TAJ card, the system can track where the child is enrolled, so parents are unable to trick and enroll the child in multiple places. With my card, you can identify whether a child is living in the neighborhood of a nursery. - It has been valid for at least 3 months. They may also be checked for currency by presenting a territorially responsible statement. If this is not shown by the parent, the family maintainer may start a family visit. Even if this goes awry (they give the parents 3 opportunities), we may reject the child's enrollment in school. bejuttathassuk.

Can You Apply For Exemption From Your Kindergarten?

Yes. But - as I learned from Joseph Sejben's supervisor - in this case too, the child must be enrolled in a nursery school and the parent must initiate the request for exemption.In the case of clerks, church and private institutions, the maintainer may grant permission, with the agreement of the head of the school and the guardian. Termйszetesen the permission applies to children aged 3-4 years, since at least 5 years of age and up to a minimum of 4 ounces of nursery care have been required. This means that the child is required to attend at least one day a day in the pre-school year in the school year in which he reaches the age of three by the 31st of August. You can apply for an exemption under the above guidelines.If your parent gives your child a private placement, it is also an important consideration to be exempt whether the institution has been accredited It is important that children have to attend an accredited school before they start school. Contact your local government education department for information.

What happens if I get rejected?

If you do not win the admission, you must obtain a written decision and justification. You can appeal this within 15 days to the school manager, who will submit your request to the relevant municipal secretary (or to the school maintainer). There you will already be a committee to examine your appeal. As you can see, it is a good idea to start researching just before signing up, contacting the selected institution to be clear about what is local. They can be very diverse. Related articles:
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