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Dog next to the baby?

Dog next to the baby?

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How do the host and the dog get ready for the newborn? The Best Dog Family Tips!

Dog and baby

I do not raise knots

Our first dog is waiting for our first baby, Ricky (basset hound). What changed was the only move out of our house. We made her a comfortable little bed beside the bed, and since she was close to caress, she immediately accepted her changed position. He was there for the bath - after finishing, he always asked for a sip of the bathing water! Every time we walked with a handkerchief, so the dog came with us. We didn't have to do any extra precautions. He loved the baby very much. And we also. Bнborkбm he was never afraid of him. He is still very, very friendly with the animals.

Not pride

I recommend a great deal of cleaning, dusting. It is advisable to put a blanket on the baby's rips to the dog can't lick the little one, if we overlook it by accident. If your little baby is in the room, you don't have to let the dog in, but be sure to smell the baby with it, and in the meantime he has to be told that he must not, cautiously, and so on ... to see that "something" he has to take care of and not pride.
Andi (Tenyйsztх)

Odor Sample

We live in a panel apartment, the puppy has been dead for three years, Hanna our soul was born. The doggie (if you are well educated) it will accept the New Family member without any problems. We picked the baby up, smelled it, and then smelled the piss pelus. Communication and determination with dogs is essential. Often you have to worry more about your pet's home cooking than about having a baby. In fact, kennels like to pull some parts of the dog or push the eyes ...

Listen to both of you!

- During the infant period and at times when you do not take out the little one, you need to solve the problem.- Fatigue is necessary every quarter, because parents can spread serious diseases.- Bring home a little scent from the courtyard, so the dog will accept the newcomer a little less easily. So don't be surprised or upset if you go crazy in the first few days.
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