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Is it really six, or just a picture?

Is it really six, or just a picture?

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Homeopathy: As you pick the sweet berries, so many are hesitant about their true power. The manufacturing process eliminates the active ingredient from today's test methods. I asked for the answer at the Boiron Homeopathy Pharmaceutical Center in Lyon.

Does it really work?

Isn't the principle a mistake?

The principle of homeopathy is similarity. A substance that is ill in high doses strengthens it in a small amount because it causes the body to fight the attack itself, move the defense system, and "learn" to overcome it if it is found in large quantities. This is the principle you have laid down Hippokratйsz, the father of medicine also wrote down and Samuel Hahnemann German doctor and pharmacist developed the XVIII. end of the century. Х coined the term homeopathic medicine and medicine and contrasted it with the allopathic route.- Imagine that with a homeopathic remedy say to the organization: We trust in you, work, have a fortress and a tool to overcome your morbid symptoms - Explained Thierry Boiron, the factory manager who grew up on homeopathic remedies. - With allopathic medicine, I mean, unfortunately, I can't count on you, unable to cope with the disease, so I'm suppressing your symptoms with great force. Of course, I also received antibiotics, but only when homeopathic remedies have helped my body. similar healing to this day it is also involved in official medicine. When inoculated with pre-existing or alveolar grafts to reduce the risk of a large amount of virus or bacterial attack, it should not cause any disease - the principle of vaccination and the only effective action against viruses to this day. A successful allergy treatment procedure is to provide the patient with a small amount of symptoms during the asymptomatic period, thereby suppressing alertness and undue immune response.

Is the cure really there?

The father of homeopathy at that time left more than three thousand recipes for the last time. THE natural active ingredients come from three sources: nцvйnyi, бllati or They are of original origin. The bulk of the drug, a large part of locally produced, carefully selected and controlled plants, is dissolved in doubly distilled water and then added to a portion of the active ingredient in 9 or 99 parts water. Then, the solution is dynamized, that is, it is refluxed, and then it continues to cool and dynamize as many times as it is required. Then what works in the drug? The information, the researcher of the request, confirmed that the water used in the solvent was indirect. Somehow, as the sound is carried by the air, the sound molecules cannot be detected in the ether. But there is nothing else in homeopathic remedies: we have to use our own eyes to strictly enforced purity precautionswithout the hair, the mantle and the shoe, they would not have been allowed into the corridors.

Do you think we believe in it?

If conventional drug screening does not find the molecule of the active ingredient, then the symptoms will surely be alleviated because we strongly believe in homeopathy. And faith moves mountains as we know it. Whoever does not believe is not affected by the berries. We received a surprising response to the skepticism when we visited a nearby Lyon farm, where a large family of goats and cattle told that their animals were exclusively homeopathic. We choose from catalogs what to order for infertility, puffing, milk breeding. The most striking thing is that these animals fall asleep in a lavender scent. Skeptics and inquiries about the latest research and celebrities about homeopathic history