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What you need to get used to

What you need to get used to

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There is a long list of the foods, health benefits that most people want in a healthy diet, and of course the family and small child's postcard.

Do not give children empty kalúriбjъ meals!

Of course, this would be a hopeless venture, unless we move to an uninhabited island, away from the "blessings" of civilization. However, we are also able to buy fewer wide-open tools.

When the nausea develops

The first years of life are decisive, and not only due to the upbringing but also the formation of dietary habits. The baby, the little kid, will not demand food that he does not know, that's for sure. We can be equally sure that your parents will be curious about what, when and why they eat. Whatever is regularly included in the shopping cart is something that the little one will want to try sooner and later, and will not be easily persuaded to the contrary. Let's take a look at what it's best to look at in the first few years!

Let there be no reward and good luck!

"If you eat it, you'll get chocolate!" - That sounds like the warning that an abusively ill child often hears. It is possible that we are aiming for it once or twice, but it can be very damaging to this method. The little one learns that chocolate is the real treasure, the nature of the meal, and the net of the virtues. In the food, he just turkishly loves nothing but wants to get his snack. It is just as harmful to bring baby food to my children.
There are many other options for a grandparent, a relative, and a baby crowd. Even for Santa Claus and Easter, you do not need to think of freshness, at least not so much and not tooth decaying species (egg sugar, slush, gummy sugar, lollipops). There are grades between the treats, but it is a good idea for Rudi to have a healthy trunk, even though it has a lot in it. Hbey-hub may get the little kid a go, but it's better not to consider the daily menu part.

Ideas for ideas instead of ideas

Nйhбny tips: small kйpeskцnyvek, aprу jбtйkok, sajбt kйszнtйsы tiny бllatkбk, babбk a pбr cute socks, hajpбnt, karkцtх szнnes fagyцngyцkbхl, thick, szнnes pencil, rajzolуszйn, a tйgely ujjfestйk, aprу kiegйszнtхk meglevх jбtйkokhoz, New Account baby clothes, babaбgynemы, special stone, snail houses

Edible, healthy gifts

Here are some healthy tips: fruit, peanuts, almonds, dried fruit, a bottle of freshly pressed fruit.

Ignore the sugar!

Small, but also big cats and adults it is harmful to excess sugar consumption. It causes tooth decay, adversely affects the saliva's saliva, and thus helps tooth decay. Sugar is another big drawback "ьres kalуria" It comes from being so locked up and taking away the benefit of not providing any useful nutrients to the body.
Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using it until the age of two. Sugaring fruit fruits is unnecessary, at least putting a little homemade in it, but it is usually true that even less sugar than those given in the recipes will make you feel good. Do not mix infants, toddlers with candied fruit juices, yeasts, and expanses. If you are used to a few sweet tastes, you will not need an unhealthy amount of sugar.

Йdesнthetьnk with him

From the age of one you can sweeten the dishes with a little honey, bananas, cakes, dried fruits.

Natural flavors, healthy ingredients

The soup cube, "eagles", artificial colors, aromas are unnecessary, because with a properly varied supply of fresh and delicious ingredients, we can achieve a much better, more natural flavor than even soup cubes. Nowadays, unfortunately, the product blends sodium glutamate, a nourishing agent, into most spice mixes.
It is extremely harmful to health in large quantities, and it is not so difficult to achieve this large quantity, because slowly everything in it is нzfokozу: prepared, prepared, in soup, in hot sandwich cream. Natural tastes are just too good, no need to step up!
It is also unnecessary and harmful to a strawberry-flavored aroma, a fruit-yoghurt and fruit-yoghurt conjured with artificial colors. You may not want to buy a product that is so delicious that it only enhances the purchasing power of the food, but that the food contains more reducing ingredients. In ketchup, for example, there are many other things besides tomato puree (sugar, nutritional, preservative, vinegar - none of which are important to our health). It is better to make a homemade variation of a dense tomato.


Ingredients of the products are always indicated on the packaging. Do not regret your time on the gym. Additive materials are labeled with E-numbers, but not all are "sinful" compounds. E-300 covers ascorbic acid (vitamin C), E-160 covers carotenes, and E-967 covers xylitol. All of these are useful compounds. However, some source work qualifies additive materials as about one-third as a "problem". It's a good idea to check out the E-Number issue once and note the suspicions.

There are too many you and cops in it

The kitty felvбgottak, the frankfurter, the smoked brat, kolbбsz, szalбmi not some babies, toddlers. They have a lot of them, and they have an extremely high fat content. The sausage and smoked ham are raw and so the digestive system of the little ones can't cope with it easily. There is nothing stopping you from cooking a small amount, but consuming it for your health do not expect everyday.
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