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10 phases of showering next to the baby

10 phases of showering next to the baby

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"Huhh, I fell asleep, I run fast to take a shower." Do you know the situation? A mom has taken points in the phases of her bathroom suffering.

10 phases of showering next to the baby

1 minute

Your kid has thrown the light in his resting place, and you feel it, this is a great time for a quick shower. You go to the bathroom and take off.

2 minutes

You remember what if the baby realizes the need to unfasten the seat belt in the rest, escapes and causes harm. The fact that he is not able to turn around does not matter. You run back to the living room (completely naked - of course) and successfully bring it into your baby's bed without waking up.

3 minutes

You talk into the shower and shower yourself and enjoy yourself as the hot water pleasantly warms your whole body.

4 min

The baby starts crying. Let's just wait. Is it really fat? You're not sure. You put your head out of the shower curtain and you look like that. You might just be pretending. You shampoo your hair quickly, sure, sure. You wash yourself lightning fast. Suddenly you hear a louder sound. Yeah, I'm sure you can. Oh, what about the balm movement? Is it time for the balm ?? You have to go out to the kid as soon as possible. Let's just wait. Have you ever applied shampoo to your hair? You don't remember, uh!

5 minutes

The flush kisses me. "Jesus, my little treasure surely thinks I have left him and inflicted upon him a lifelong psychic wound !!"

6 min

You water the water. There's a snarl. Did you stop drinking or not at all? Anyway, the balm can come. Just fast, fast. You'll open the tap again.

7 min

Why are you so quiet now ??! Something must have happened. You put your head again behind the shower curtain and let yourself out, "Baby, are you okay ?!" The baby will not answer. Gentlemen, something happened to the baby !!!

8 min

Your child must be re-commanded. Oh, thank goodness!

9 min

I sneak wet, run out of the bathroom naked. You almost fall asleep on the rock and then get to the baby, get it out of bed, squeeze it in you, and whisper in your ears, "Oh, my little treasure, I'm so sorry! I'll never shower again!"

10 minutes

"Damn, is it always balm on my hair?"
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