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Three-month-old rabbits are referred to as recurrent bloating and abdominal distension that begin at the second week and then disappear at about three months.

Rabbit keeping can help

Boy babies suffer from it more often than girls. The baby starts to cry in the early evening urns, usually at the same time, and cannot be calmed down with consolation or nourishment.When you put your foot on it, where you put it out, it is a painful expression on your face. As with dense babies, tubing can take up to lambs and then stops abruptly. The reason for the three-month-old rabbit, like the lame baby, was not clear here. THE child in their innocence it probably plays the same role as it does family unrest. Another okay might be a mohу ivбs, the a lot of swallowed air or the tejйrzйkenysйg (food allergy).

Do I need to take the baby to the doctor with the chicks?

Go to the doctor when the spasms start to clear for other causes of diarrhea, such as diarrhea, paraplegia, or bowel movements.

What does the doctor do with the rabbit baby?

After examining the baby and ruling out the rest of the problem, you may suggest some anti-bloating agent that may help with stomach bloating. (Yeah, a couple of such assumptions exist.)

Symptoms of the rabbit

  • indomitable banter, bitter rinse, usually evening
  • where the baby puts it, where it opens its toes

You can help the baby

If your baby is predisposed to breast cancer, breastfeed milk should not be absorbed into the mouth (does not swallow fast and does not breathe much). If you are still breastfeeding, milk the first 30 grams of milk with your hands or breast and then only breast-feed your baby. If you get nutrition, Make sure the hole in the soother is not too big (every second comes a drop) and do not slip into the baby's mouth too.Pause during the breastfeeding period, let the baby burp. Repeat this process several times to help your baby get rid of swallowed air. When heated, massage your tummy.Put it on your bare arm or your stomach - it gives you warmth. In this "fly pose" (also called puppy posture), the baby gets body heat from the front and back, and is able to get rid of excess air more easily. Gently exhale, pat the back to release the air. There are kids who calm down sooner if their daddy pays them off.Household agent: you can make a side cushion of baby cushions, a warm cherry-kernel cushion. At that time, as with a lean baby, nothing can help but the patience of a cramp at three months old. But careful care is important to help your baby survive this period. Article Source: Dr. med. Helmut Keudel-Dr. med. Barbara Capelle Pediatrics c. kцnyve.
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