6.1 million support for rural health in the country

6.1 million support for rural health in the country

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Three hospitals and three rescue stations have a total of more than 6 million forints worth of medical equipment, and will be richer in the spillover program.

Baja, Bactalurbanna, Berettyoujfalu, Nagykanizsa, Oroshaza and Polgar have contributed to the improvement of child health care with the K&H Incontinence Program 2014 in Christmas. The three hospitals and three rescue stations receive more than 6 million HUF worth of medical tools and instruments. Among the supported institutions, three perform their daily activities in the most disadvantaged micro-regions.
The Church of St. Ruth of Baja, the István Khorhaz of Grisf Tisza of Berettyoujfalu, the Dorothy House of Kanizsa of Nagykanizsa, and the charity of the Baktalurnbazza, the Orthodox Church and the bourgeoisie received the anthrax. The six institutions, enriched with tools and instruments worth a total of HUF 6,136,042, will be able to carry out their activities in the future.
"The last karбcsonyi ajбndйkokra szбnt цsszegbхl and dolgozуink we tбmogatni now karбcsonyi dinner felajбnlбsбbуl цsszesen six intйzmйnyt, tцbb than six milliу HUF йrtйkben. This nхtt 24 from the K & H gyуgyvarбzs 2014 tбmogatott intйzmйnyeinek szбma, mнg the adomбnyozott цsszeg бtlйpte 27 milliу forint, "said Horváth Magyary Nurra, K&H's Chief Communications Officer at the celebratory staff.
"Йs Modern eszkцzцkkel mыszerekkel hozzбjбrulhatunk fast йs exact diagnosztikбhoz the hatйkony kezelйshez the mentхsцk, doctors йs бpolуk smart dцntйseihez, нgy and lerцvidнthetjьk szбmбra the little patients gyуgyulбsi idхt to mielхbb visszatйrhessenek homes csalбdjuk, йs barбtaik kцrйbe full йletet йlhessenek . "
For the past 11 years, K&H has contributed HUF 520 million to the improvement of Hungarian child health and to the healing of children as soon as possible. The amount for Christmas presents has been offered since the launch of the spillover program, now for 11 years. In support of Christmas, during the past years it has assisted the operation of 42 institutions with tools worth HUF 92 million. This year, the public could decide to spend $ 5 million on Christmas donations by voting online. Candidates received close to 60,000 votes in three and a half weeks.
These results included 1.5-1.5 million HUF in support of Dorottya Kanizsa House and Polgár Ambulance in Nagykanizsa, and one thousand forints of the Church of St. Ruth and Bishop of Bavaria.
In addition to the $ 5 million in Christmas support, the K&H staff is offering a special Christmas dinner, whereby a special Christmas dinner is provided to support the child's health. This offering raised $ 1.1 million this year, from which the Bactal Home and the Orphanage Rescue Station can buy rescue tools. With two Christmas supports, K&H contributes to the faster and more efficient examination and support of approximately 10 to 12,000 ill children throughout the country.

The spoofing program has helped many children

"Among the supporters of Christmas, 3 institutions - the István Kárrhazz of Berettyújfalu and the Baktalurnbazhá and the Citizens' Emergency - care for them in the last few years.
The ill-health and ill-health are, unfortunately, accompanied. 30-50% of child mortality and health problems can be linked to the adverse socio-economic situation of parents. It is precisely because of this that institutions working in disadvantaged regions may need our assistance even more, "concluded Nagyra Horváth Magyary.

Instruments for kids health

"Unfortunately munkбnk sorбn often talбlkozunk with children fбjdalmuk, betegsйgьk or sйrьlйsьk because of who sнrnak, suffer. Now mentхбllomбsunk K & H gyуgyvarбzs pбlyбzatnak kцszцnhetхen a eszkцzцkhцz reached by which the small fбjdalmбt enyhнthetjьk, ellбtбsukat biztonsбgosabbб, gyorsabbб, hatйkonyabbб tehetjьk. The New Account lйgъtleszнvу kйszьlйkek segнtsйgйt in the case of reinstatements, we are able to use end-of-life insurance for the benefit of our small patients, thereby improving their cost of living. said János Varga, leader of the Civil Rescue.


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