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He succeeded when I was raisedHow did I have a child?

He succeeded when I was raisedHow did I have a child?

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After seven years of testing, several surgeries, and three unsuccessful flasks, Zita and Laszlo, the son of a naturally conceived child with almost completely obstructed fallopian tubes. A miracle or a logical development?

He succeeded when I was tired

When it doesn't fit

Zita was thirty, her couple were thirty-three years old, when they were married after one year of marriage. So I felt it was time to think about the kid.Koi Zita (39) sells ticketsHead: Koi Lszszlou (42) Airport DispatcherTheir little boy: Szabolcs Koi Balzs (1,5)Photo: Tucsek Tünde
- We didn't make a secret of it, they put it in place for two months, lest the rest of the few people get out of work. The irony of fate is that one of my colleagues, the least hypocritical one, became pregnant almost immediately ... It seemed to me that I was short-laid back, and while I was happy, I felt that after all such a story did not fit ".

The first examination

It seemed they didn't have to worry about it - after three years of trying (Zita himself didn't even know what she really wanted), they decided to go see a doctor.
- Obligatory exams made it all right, and the first artificial insemination was scheduled for March. It was a cold shower when it came to light that they had found something on my uterine wall that needed to be removed before starting treatment with medication. The surgery was a great success, and it proved to be spiritually desirable because, strangely enough, because I had my belly taken up, I started to get pregnant. Perhaps this is the first time I got into it, so the failure of the first insemination was not overwhelmed. In October, my birthday was my second, but it only turned into a cyst, which I got the contraceptive that I first took in my life, just because I wanted to be pregnant ... but it didn't I knocked it over.
- That sounds so overwhelming - didn't he wear it very much?
- No, I was almost depressed by the third negative test. I felt like I needed to change something, and since I couldn't replace myself and I didn't want my brother, so my doctor was chosen.
The new doc started with another fallopian tube, and then, with the prayer, we had to be one every other day for three days. After only two weeks, we were just one to one for the other, when it was time and we received a free celibacy.
It soon became apparent that my left ovary had developed cervical endometriosis (cervical islands in the uterine region). So I had to lay underneath again. The operation was still successful, but it turned out that all my fallopian tubes seemed to be closed, so there was no solution other than the flask.

Only the flask can help

- I don't know if this can be stepped up. How did you receive the news?
- I didn't doubt it because I felt the insinuation was a bit humbug. We concluded it at the Cable Institute, where the turbulent pace of the events so far has risen: after the first consultation in January, the plant was bought for March. I decided to listen to my work this time, like the snooze. In mid-March, three beautiful mature eggs were donated during the anesthetic operation, two of which were successful in "dating", and they were transplanted after a few days, but it is not necessary.
- Were you successful?
- Mбsnap I went to work nйgyre morning where dйli tizenkйt уrбig egyedьl szolgбltam out tizennйgy jбratot, but when a kьlцnцsen agresszнv bunkу furakodva the line elejйre started ьtni the counter my цkцllel the tizenkйt уrбs munkaidхm expires utбni mбsodik tъlуrбban, vцrцs kцd descended on my nerves, йs sobbing felhнvtam my boss that I want to go to hospital right away because two tiny embryos are resting in my lungs. Poverty was completely stunned and sent me to the hospital immediately.
Of course, the test became negative. And for weeks, I wondered what I should have done. Then, after the next examination, my doctor again suspected and sent a blood test. I told him that it was impossible because my fallopian tubes were blocked, but he chose to see me shave his arms. Well I wanted to see this too, but to no avail.

Khmelny in the hell

Zita's endometriosis came to an end again, and another agency translated her thoughts. The best "remedy" for this disease is pregnancy, so (although this is at work in the middle of the summer, it was a break), and she went on sickness for the next two weeks, and spent the next two weeks at rest. But the peace of mind was in vain…
- Urdu disappointed when, on the fourteenth day, only one bar appeared again in the test window. They also made a security call ("Tits not tense" - everyone is stressed out, but not!), And they kindly reassured me.
Hope dies for the last time, but by the day it's gone and I wanted to die with him too. A world collapsed inside me. Perhaps this slap warns me not to force this?

Then come the breathing!

- As far as we know, I'd be surprised if you gave up!
- No, I just decided to persuade myself. With that in mind, the next few months were spent on a lively diet: I couldn't go into a company so that no one's eyes were on my "flesh" ... I'd be sick.
According to my doctor, this pre-treatment multiplied the chance of getting pregnant and applauded my body when I was thirteen (!) Beautiful eggs in the breast.
In the middle of my workplace, people were shouting out daily in the middle of the field.
- How do you prepare for such a situation?
- No way. I was preparing to run out of money as soon as I was ready to enjoy at least that time, and then follow the water.

The third flask

- In such a state of mind, I jumped for him in the third round. At home, I calmed down a little and managed to exclude the book. My soul felt this way, I had suffered so much, something unexpectedly positive would come to an end. But only the familiar unhappiness awaited me, the negative test. So I went back to work, and I wasn't really serious about getting out. I confronted my boss and wrote my resignation letter.
"And then a miracle of a lesser kind happened ..."
- Yes, they were immediately relocated to another legal service. After a long time, I was happy to work again.

The third doctor

- You had two throws from the one backed by the tub, and then you switched to another infant center. Bejцtt?
- Yes, the sound of a loud doc liberated me was a hit. I was especially thankful that he hadn't dropped any endometriosis.
For one thing, I only had a headache: I was tired of having everyone in my environment doing this, I didn't want to hear any more questions, stories, good advice from any human being. But how I'm going to solve this in my new workplace without having to start a guy, nor have I ever imagined. Our brothers and sisters then announced the big news: they are having a baby, so we're going to be crushed. I was honestly happy to have at least a baby in my life who I can love, sure, sure.

We have a dog, we will have a godfather

- One of the best summers of my life has come. I wasn't willing to worry about anything, it seems like I was full. My brother made long bike rides and visited all the major wine festivals, where with the right amount of alcohol, you could never miss a pomp and a homemade. My natural cure for infarction would have been in the body. Here you go, dieting.
- You became a dog, even though your husband didn't want to. How did that happen?
"In a devious way ... We see an adorable puppy with whom we fall in love immediately." There was no question as to what we would compensate for, but it didn't bother anyone.
So, we have a dog, we have a godfather, what do we need? We did a lot of cycling, I jumped in the corners of the skateboarding parties, and the dog had to run daily as well (wise).
I was expecting my menstruation to come and start treatment for the fourth implant, but I was hoping for the same. And no, my tit didn't strain ... I must have had a lot of hormone therapy up my cycle.
Of course, the Doc Uncle asked me if I had done the test. Because before the hormone treatment, you must exclude pregnancy. So far, I have had my peace of mind.
I didn't sleep for a minute that night. Why do I have to put myself out of this? I was quite good at the idea of ​​a life without my own child, and I don't want to hope desperately again.
In the early hours of dawn, I ran the test, which I put in front of my eyes as the control trick started in the window. But there was something weird about it, it wasn't unusual to see it double ... I shook the manual out of the bin with shaking hands and compared it to the test. Then, taking the stairs in two, I scolded my stomach into her sleep, and she excited her stomach to count the stings. Then I got out in a frantic hell.
On the 23rd of September, my beautiful, fairy-tongued dunutan had my ultrasonic paper in my hand! It was the will of God to penetrate the broken oviduct, to adhere to all the "trembling", and on the morning of May 31, 2010, we were about 30 minutes old, 30 minutes old, and thirty years old. .
Yeah, and her tit didn't stretch for a minute during the whole pregnancy…

What was the success?

The recipe seems so simple that we don't think about it or overlook it, as there is only one flask.
1. Stress-free workplace
2. The puppy who brought Zita's mother's mother-in-law
3. Carefree summer with lots of cycling, running and wine festivals
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