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Csakazйrtsem! Day

Csakazйrtsem! Day

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Poci awakens awkwardly in our wedding story. You don't even know why, but you are always against it.

The sunshine peeked out from behind the clouds. But he did not drop it when he carefully moved the curtain out of Poci's window with its longest beam. He was really sad when he found that the fun and kind little boy of the age was foolish. Poci was just in the middle of the room, his plaything lying on the ground. Even the kakaу rolled over the carpet. Along with the sunshine, Poci's mom was also sad.
- Get in order quickly and let's go slip on the playground! Mother gave birth.
- I'm not doing it! Poci said bluntly.
- Just pick up the cocoa bottle from the ground. Mom asked.
- I'm not buying! the little boy stubbornly started kicking the game.
- Stop! Mom hugged the baby boy.
- I will not let! Poci declared.
"If not, well, no," Mom said unanimously, and continued,
- No, no, Poci! We don't move.
- We're not going anywhere today.
- We don't eat a bite.
- We're not in the car today.
- We don't draw, we don't plasticize.
- We won't open a window today.
- We don't look at the world.
- We're not going to the company today.
- We don't play and we don't slide.
- We don't laugh a lot.
- Come on!
- Really good idea!
Poci listened to Anyb, surprised.
- No no! the little boy insisted and began to squirm. Then Mom turned around and left the room. From the top of the cupboard, there was a faint chuckle. Poci looked at him. Durcapanna, the hysterical staring at the wardrobe, laughed.
- Stop! Poci said.
- No no! the reply said, laughing loudly.
- Finish! the gray boy said.
- No way! Durcapanna argued.
- Not just that ?! Then I'll leave you! said the boy firmly and ran out of the room.
- It's a pretty hell of a thing! Poci declared.
Mom looked at her baby boy in surprise.
"Yes, it is," Mom replied, as she stroked Poci's pale treasures.
"Sorry," the little boy murmured under his nose.
- All right. Quickly tidy up your room, then we can go to the playground - Mum chose. Toci ran into his room. While he was packing his toys, he looked up at the top of the closet, but there was no trace of hysteria.