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From loophole to whooping, help your baby move in the first half!

From loophole to whooping, help your baby move in the first half!

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Yes, the fetus can tumble in the life of the uterus, but after birth it has to cope with other conditions.

From loophole to whack

The fetus enjoys the unlimited freedom of gravity for months: the space rotates in three dimensions, as do the cavities in the world. Although the space is a bit narrower in the last month, the real catch is the world over. Suddenly, her weight is heavy, her limbs fall to the side, even the slightest shift in her balance causes her to lose the safety of the fetus. His whole body combines into the smallest movement. The central nervous system can only slowly process information about movements and it takes a while for the body to calm down again. If you put your finger in the palm of your hand, the little gavel will feel. All muscles are in place at birth, but not all are capable of functioning. According to a genetic program, they start working from the top down. First, the femoral muscles lift the belly of the baby's head.When I am three months old with a stubbornly raised headand back charisma also helps: the baby resists to look farther, more comfortable and longer. At six months of age, the hips and leg muscles are as follows: with the help of the baby turn around, felьl, begins to emerge, then felбlland fifteen months old jбr.

What does the baby need?

Of course, parents can help their baby a lot in this process. For example, it is not implanted or put on until it is capable of doing so, because it overloads the muscles, bones and spine, and even the soul. For it is annoying if one cannot, by his own power, be able to do so well with that father.

Give enough room for movement!

It is best to put a soft blanket on the ground. He certainly won't roll down from here, and he almost calls him. Always stay close, so you feel safe.

Change your posture!

During sleep, lying on your back is the safest thing when you are awake, turn it on your stomach. This way you can lift your head, lean on your career, and start from that position. In the car or at rest you can spend up to three quarters of an hour a day. He saw more of the world, but his movement was limited.

Leave your members free!

It's easy to move around in comfortable, relaxed clothes, but you can get stuck in too much stuff. Before bathing or in good weather, you can even strip naked for a long period of time so you can feel the environment with your full skin.

Get Inquiry!

The baby is interested in everything. In the first month, he follows the game with his eyes, three months later on his stomach, and after six months, he lingers. Do some interesting play around your chest. You can do it, but with just a little effort - this is a tailor-made task for you.

The most interesting toy, the baby's own, is always on hand.
It does not roll like a ball, and the abdominal muscles are strengthened between the feet and the feet
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- Movement
- Jumping makes you smarter
- Movements and fine movements
- That's how the movement develops


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