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Is the rubber safe? The vision tells you!

Is the rubber safe? The vision tells you!

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Directing the big world, especially if a good little spanking is possible. We asked István Bagyу for what you have to look for.

In Hungary, fifty or sixty small children drown in water every year, and nearly two hundred get to the hospital because they drown in their little water.

How can I make my garden pool safe?

In most countries of the European Union, it is only possible to set up a garden pool under strict safety regulations. It should be surrounded by a fence at least 1.2 meters high to prevent the child from entering and the gate will automatically close. A more aesthetic solution is the special pelvis covered pool, but it is very important that it is so strong that if the child is affected, he / she cannot fall in. It is not dangerous not easy. Not only can the pool be dangerous! All garden ponds, water reservoirs child-resistant. No one can keep an eye on your childhood. Just a phone call, a momentary wheeze, and the trouble will stop in March!

Which is safer: the carousel, the rubber or the breast?

None of them! Each one has the inscription - just a toy, not suitable for life saving. And this has to be taken very seriously. They are game-friendly because they make water life easier, but they should not create a false sense of security.

Rubber is just a toy, not a lifesaving tool

When can we be allowed to enter the water alone?

There is no such age limit. A reliable, water-accustomed child can bathe alone in shallow water up to the age of three. But it is very important that the parent keeps an eye out, as the baby may fall, the water may fall, and this may cause panic that he may not be able to stand.

What Causes the Most Beach Accidents?

Most of the trouble does not happen in the water, but on the shore. Very your slippers are importantthat the child does not slip into and crumble into. The most common beach accident is sunshine because during the quiet rest in Duluth the parents do not pay attention to the sun. Just because somebody falls asleep in our hearts does not mean that the sun does not get there in a couple of hours.

Bagyu Sándor, head of the Hungarian Wisdom Agency.

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