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If you sleep a little, it will make school worse!

If you sleep a little, it will make school worse!

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Here's the school, the end of the evening banter. But if you order it strictly, you may not be able to fall asleep. This can show on the certificate!

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and Ramun Llull University have investigated in their study that sleeping habits and the number of sleep-filled people how they relate to the performance of children at the age of six or seven. "The majority of children sleep less than they need for intellectual development, which is a major drawback because sleep deprivation cannot be sustained," he said. Ramun Claddel, a researcher at UAB Psychology Department.

Sleep should not be infused with school

The study, published in Cultura y Educaciunn, published 142 students from different schools - 65 girls and 77 children - who had no previous problems with sleep. Participants' parents had to fill out a questionnaire about their children's sleeping habits and sleep-filled lounges.
Professionals also have a more general ability in children - communication, methodology, expression and learning techniques - as well as their aptitude for individual thinking - memory, learning, motivation.

I have the first one who is up to 11!

"Regardless of the fact that the children who attend the bed sleep nearly eight hours a day, analysis of sleep patterns reveals that 69 percent of them go home at least nine times every night, or at least 11 times a week. ugly sleeping students' school performance is worse than fire or eleven ugly sleeping peers, "experts quoted as saying in ScienceDaily's reporter's report.
Experts believe that one development of a healthy sleep system significantly contributes to the proper cognitive development of children. However, the loss of one's sleep and bad habits has a detrimental effect on more general skills and has a profound effect on the ability to think.
"That means it is alvбshiбny it diminishes students' linguistic, grammatical and typing skills, as well as their ability to process and construct texts. And the improper development of these skills over time pushes the stamp on all other subjects, "the experts emphasized.Baby Room: No matter how great a school-age kid looks. Keep at least one or two items in your baby's sleeping pill! Tell or read a story to him, be a sleep kisser. You miss out on the evening fire, it just makes you sick.
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