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What nasal drops should we use for allergies?

What nasal drops should we use for allergies?

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The pollen season is better, with allergies during this period that can cause eye, throat and nose itching, wheezing, runny nose, nasal congestion.

What nasal drops should we use for allergies?Initial nasal symptoms can be suppressed with prescription drugs, even without a prescription. dr. Monika Augusztinovicz Allergologist, Foliar-nasal surgery, a doctor at the Buda Allergy Center. Our specialist also told us what to do if the nose drop proves to be small.

Allergy nasal spray

The nasal drops used for colds and colds have probably met everyone in their lives. They can be a great help when you have a nasal congestion or runny nose. However, these supplements can only be used at the time of illness, as stated in the patient information leaflet, and generally for 7 to 10 days. If you use it for a longer period of time, it can also make the nasal passages work - warns dr. Augustaztinovicz Monika.In the case of allergies, we are not looking for these, but specifically for nasal sprays, nasal sprays (antiallergics), can be used all season. With help, swelling of the nasal cavity, increased nasal clearance, and nausea-like stimulation can be effectively suppressed. Because they act directly on the nasal passages, allergic symptoms are quickly and effectively eliminated.

Alternative options

An additional handler may be useful for seawater nasal spray and the use of them to remove pollen from the nasal mucosa. During the allergy period, a nasal wash can be used for this purpose by adding warm water to the irrigator and then dissolving the optimized light mixers. Larger amounts of solution allow complete nasal lavage. It is important that you do not experiment with home nutrition, only use a specially formulated isotonic solution for the body that is ideal for this purpose.

What should we do if the nasal spray is too low?

The severity of allergic symptoms is influenced not only by the individual sensitivity but also by the concentration of the pollen in the air. This also depends on the weather conditions, and the symptoms may increase with varying degrees of severity. In general, the symptoms of an allergy that is not treated properly worsen over time, and if you experience this, you should seek medical attention. Otherwise, you may develop asthma, even if you have an allergic reaction.Also, it is advisable to seek help from a specialist if the effects you have been using have not been as effective as before. If you have symptoms during the day and your nocturnal rest is interrupted by nasal congestion or burns, you should definitely consult a doctor who will provide you with long-term, well-tailored treatment.Related articles in Allergy:
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