Anti-freezing drugs: Under 6 years are unnecessary!

Anti-freezing drugs: Under 6 years are unnecessary!

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Just a few weeks ago, ovi and school have begun and, most of all, it has opened the season for infectious diseases. However, according to experts, it is better to avoid cold, cold and cough medicines that are available without the help of the smallest amount.

Of course, every parent wants to relieve their child's pain and discomfort, but experts say that anti-histamine and antihistamines that can be obtained without a baby are better than those under the age of 6 years. According to the authors of the research published in the journal BMJ, these drugs do not effectively reduce nasal congestion or other specific symptoms, but at the same time they can have dangerous side effects. "Certain drugs, for example, increase the risk of high blood pressure or disrupt children," said the study's lead author, dr. An De Sutter.Does the child need drugs? In the past, many other professional organizations have warned parents to be cautious about these drugs. For example, the US FDA recommended that children under two should not receive such drugs, and the American Pediatric Society (AAP) has set this limit at 4 years. "When it comes to medicine, both the benefits and the risks of children and adults alike need to be weighed. For adults, these two aspects largely balance each other, but the children say something" dr. Jeffrey Gerber, one of the leaders of the Philadelphia Children's Hospital. "Unfortunately, the efficacy of anti-nasal congestive drugs, which have been given without a baby, has not been well-researched, but the side effects are well known, so it is better not to use them." they are completely gone. Children get infected about 6-8 times a year (while adults get 2-4 times a year) (via)Also worth reading:
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