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So far baby doll support is the most popular

So far baby doll support is the most popular

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On July 1st, the family anti-fraud action plan was launched with four items, the most popular of which is baby-support.

So far baby doll support is the most popular

About six thousand need in the first few days

The first three days5500 printed on the for a family action plan turn on the number key in government windows, and more, we've already received tens of millions of baby-friendly support, said Bence Tuzson, state secretary in charge of the M1 on Thursday.

You can also request assistance online

According to the Secretary of State, the process of negotiation is smooth,people come prepared for the government windows and spend half their time there. Bence Tuzson also stated that it is possible to arrange for car assistance for large families on the Internet, which does not, of course, exclude government window assistance. Kossuth Rádsi Good morning! In the meantime, the Secretary of State also talked about the fact that the Hungarian population is running out of 2,500 settlements affected by the rural family home improvement allowance (chocolate), and that is why we want to help the families there.Related links: