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He lost millions who were born sooner

He lost millions who were born sooner

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The Family Action Plan starts in July, but many families lose their support simply because the baby has arrived earlier.

In February, the government announced a milestone anti-fraud action plan that will begin in July. 24h says many families fall for support because their children are born earlier.Baby loan: Millions are lost if the child is born earlier The second child of Jnos was born in mid-April, and no more are planned. First of all, they would have been interested in a free-for-sale $ 10 million loan, but only for those whose child is born after July 1, 2019 would be eligible for the interest-free, publicly supported loan program. Jana says it would have been fair if all of the children born after the Prime Minister's announcement on February 10th had been eligible for a supported, maximum half-hearted at the time of filing. However, those who become pregnant by 20 weeks at the time of application and do not have multiple children will lose the opportunity.
According to the data of the HCSO, last year the total year was 89,800. This is 246 daily, starting from February 10th to June 30th, and in the 140 days between June 30 and May 34,400 children could be born who cannot use the baby loan after all. And not only baby baby, but if You can also get a $ 1 million mortgage loan relief from July, and if you have a third child, you will not get a $ 1 billion to $ 4 million mortgage loan relief from July.
Of course, the boundary has to be set somewhere, says Peter, a reader of 24, who has two children and has no plans for a larger family. She thinks it is a nonsense to step in and out, which child to support and which to go after. After all, the boundary must always be pushed somewhere, and there are always some who fall because of it. He thinks that the government could have been more generous with less people doing bad things. Like Mary, Mariam does not understand why the deadline was 1 July if the announcement was made in February. As the baby loan was designed to increase the number of children, all babies born in 2019 would have extended the facility.According to the Government Decree, a baby loan can be concluded during pregnancy. Eligible childbirth (up to three years after childbirth) and childbirth support (second child after 30th child, third child after childbirth). That is, those who are expecting a baby on July 1st, but have not yet given birth, can enter the program immediately, and if they have a second child, at least 12 weeks of age, their debt will be up to 30% for $ capital repayment of HUF 10 million over a 20-year, free-of-charge mortgage loan can cost up to HUF 19.5 million, which means you can earn up to HUF 9.5 million on your interest. The page also points out that you may want to join the program by the end of 2022, even if families are not planning to have more children, because paying off their repayment obligation may be better than taking out a personal loan, for example. However, these gains are far less than what can be achieved by having a child.
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