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She wants to be a good father

She wants to be a good father

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Children with whom their father cares a lot about babies have less behavioral problems - read a study.

One of the largest research foundations in the world, the British Wellcome Trust, says that children with a father who cares a lot until the age of three months have a positive effect. According to a study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, a father-child relationship in the first couple of months can have an impact on a child's mental state in early, adolescent, or even adulthood.

Dad and baby in sweet twin

Oxford University researchers studied 192 families, and participants were selected at two different UK nurseries. The ScienceDaily Knowledge Portal reads that many of the risk factors for developing behavioral problems are known, and are extremely important the basic nature of parents and the parent-child relationship. So far, however, research has focused on the role of the mother.
In the current research, however, the relationship between father and child was examined, with the child being three months old and nine months old. The results show that father-child relationships are key even in a couple of months old, and that factors that exclude behavioral disorders can be traced back to a very early, few months old. The study found that children with whom their father behaved with greater distance or less time were found to have more serious behavioral problems.
The examination also showed that this effect he showed more strongly in his son than in his children. Based on this, experts assume that a couple of months later, the father is more influenced by the father than the girl child, says MTI.Related articles about fatherhood:
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