Find out which is the cheapest detergent!

Find out which is the cheapest detergent!

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Few people know it, though every detergent has a small chart that compares all detergents to the optimal decision.

As István Murбnyi, secretary general of the Hungarian Detergent Industry Association, //, said, the most common choice is the concept of the simple one. That is, when we weigh something by mass, we can compare it by looking at the price per unit (for example, Ft / kg or Ft / liter) rather than the consumer price. However, the problem with innovation is that laundry detergents have become very diverse, so you can't compare a bag of laundry with gel capsules on the basis of this. This means that every detergent should be reminded that the product is sufficient for an average wash (4.5 kg, medium soiled laundry, medium water content). However, relatively few people know this image, so it is not useful at the time of purchase.

Average washing number indicator icon - pay attention!

The price-to-value ratio is the most important

KOZMOS has just asked Gfk Hungária to conduct a research on the washing habits of Hungarian housewives. As Andrea Földvárri, Gfk Hungary's research director, said that buyer decisions are mostly influenced by the price value based on the results of the research. Economical talent is very important, however, most housewives look at the unity and do not give much thought to which product they are better off with. And the average washing quantity icon on the products received almost no attention.
A survey of factors influencing consumer behavior revealed that the types of packaging were quickly identified (whether it was by car or on foot or sold out at home). Following this, from their own custom, they looked at a number of well-known products, where they searched for the main information (for example, white or color), the fragrance, and even selected the product. As emphasized by Andrea Fldldvri, the price was constantly on the lookout. That is, the most important aspect when choosing the right price value is: the cleanest clothes possible is the best possible price.

Correct comparison

Based on the results of the research, István Murбnyi, Secretary General of KOZMOS, explained that there is a need for consumers to compare detergents correctly and simply, but this is currently not the case. The organization would therefore like to base the comparison on my laundry.
Although today it is only an optional option, but in many places, the laundry-based unit is already included. This would be the main objective.