Protecting Your Mosquito From Your Child: What to Use?

Protecting Your Mosquito From Your Child: What to Use?

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There's a little bit of an annoyance about a stinging, itchy mosquito mosquito: many adults and children are allergic to drips, so there will be a huge red swelling in the area.

Protecting Your Mosquito From Your Child: What to Use?In order to protect our child, we also use a worthwhile mosquito repellent without mechanical protection. Let's show you what it's worth!

If your baby is 2 months younger

Most mosquito repellent unsafe for babies younger than 2 months, so we have to try to protect them from the blood, which is best done by trying to avoid mosquitoes. it is better to keep them indoors to reduce the chances of mosquito bites. It is worth protecting your home from insects by using mosquito nets on your nipples, so even if you are ventilated, the little one.It can be installed on the stroller, it is worth protecting the little one.

Babies and children older than 2 months

If your baby is older than 2 months - or even toddlers, children - we can use mosquito repellent sprays and creams. According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this is the best way to protect our children from mosquitoes if we use these remedies correctly. Many such formulations can protect against ticks, fleas, and flies, but will not protect the child from wasps. Insect repellents are also worthwhile not to skin - to avoid irritation - but to use on clothes.

What are the ingredients to look for in sprays?

In most mosquito repellents, one DEET This substance is the most effective mosquito repellent, but it can also be the most dangerous to our health. Experts recommend choosing a product with a DEET content of up to 30%, but for smaller children under the age of 3, a DEET-free spray or ointment is preferable. Insects repellents containing the substance Picardin are slightly more secure than DEET formulations. For children under the age of 3, products containing lemon eucalyptus oil (OLE) are not safe, and even those with PMD should be avoided.

Mosquito repellent spray or bracelet?

A good alternative may seem to be a mosquito repellent braceletof which aromatic oil evaporates, and so scares the blood from the little ones. We have been asked in some pharmacies to recommend this version for children or insect repellent sprays. The gyуgyszertбrakban visited the same vбlaszt got the vбsбrlуi visszajelzйsek alapjбn kevйsbй hatйkonyak the bracelets, and the most kaphatу termйkeket these kцzьl not ajбnljбk 2-3 йvesnйl younger children esetйben.A szъnyogriasztу sprays kцzьl also бltalбban same vбltozatot ajбnlottбk the patikбkban for children: a natural lemon spray containing natural oils. According to pharmacists, this can be safely used by young children, and it is effective. (Via)
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