Pregnancy care book, or pregnant book

Pregnancy care book, or pregnant book

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Who turns it off? When and who does a pregnant mother receive? Why is the book and what's in it so important? Here's what you need to know about your pregnant book.

Pregnancy care book, or pregnant book

According to the Valid Pregnancy Care Protocol, finding a pregnancy is the task of a woman who is pregnant (even if someone is planning baby care, or planning a home birth). When the felmerьl terhessйg gyanъja, you will szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz megбllapнtani the terhessйg meglйtйt should visit the terьletileg illetйkes vйdхnхt this igazolбssal, х will be issued in the kiskцnyvet.A vйdхnхnek terhesgondozбsi kцnyvben rцgzнteni need to find a specialist alapjбn the terhessйgi hйt meghatбrozбsбt or risk classification, and the name of the service provider with a regional responsibility for care, and the name and contact details of the pediatrician by week 34.The pregnancy and nursing history should be documented. As Emmi says, health care is a complex health service that can be performed by a nurse, a home doctor, a nurse practitioner, a baby, and pregnancy and pregnant woman should be included in the booklet. For example, the baseline data should include blood group, oncocytology test data, which will be important from the parenting point of view. But there is also information in the book about developmental maladies in the family, hereditary diseases, drug allergies. As the date of birth is determined, the evaluation of the examinations and the number, course and possible consequences of any previous predictions are made.
And, of course, you should not miss the records of those who take part in the care of the pregnancy.
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