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It affects the child by shouting at him

It affects the child by shouting at him

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Almost all parents shout at times - when we are stressed, nervous, it is simply to raise our voices. However, shouting up a tool is generally ineffective, even if you feel it.

It affects your child when you yell at him (Fotу: iStock) Children are usually scared when they yell at us, sometimes it can even get so dirty. There are parents who, for this very reason, use effective shouting tools to raise the child's attention, to punish them, or simply to express their anger. By the way, shouting is a very useless educational technique The good news, though, is that you can stop shouting and learn new, better-working tools for raising your child.

Scary and poor communication

Parents are empowered from the point of view of children: they are twice as tall as them, so they have physical desires, they also give food, a safe home, and love, too. If such a person yells at us, it can be very scary to children. Also, yelling does not work well as a communication technique, and it does seem like it is the first time that children listen to the parent and accept what he or she has. And this is not communication.

This is how the child can react

Although, according to experts, the cabal can not spoil the children, it does not cause great harm in psychological and emotional terms, but it does affect the child's mind a little bit. If, for example, a child is tense and doing something sedative, for example, it is observed that the neurotransmitters in the brain respond by releasing sedative biochemicals. However, when yelled, the opposite happens, and substances are released in the child's brain that give the message to fight, flee, or freeze. A small child may react to this by, for example, hitting, running away, or even blocking. If shouting is a common parenting strategy, this pattern of behavior is mindful of the child. Continuous shouting teaches the child that this is normal behavior when someone is nervous. If we keep raising our voices, we will make this behavior normal for kids at home, so if someone doesn't like something, they can start moving in March. It's important to keep in mind that in order to teach the child to behave in ways that we are sympathetic to, we must first set an example for them.

How can we stop shouting?

  • Note that the younger a child is, the less intentional his behavior is - it can stop us from wanting to raise our voice.
  • Remember that if you keep shouting when you want to raise your child, he or she will long-term stop telling you that your advice can only be given in a harsh, aggressive voice.
  • Instead, use humor to get rid of the child's problem behaviors. Laughter is much more effective than yelling or yelling.
  • Let's focus instead on a relaxed discussion. The effect of shouting is that children are often blocked and there is no chance that they really understand what we want to teach them.

Is there a time when yelling is okay?

In situations where there is the potential for physical danger - for example, brothers and sisters are fighting - shouting can work. Because children are usually blocked from shouting, this can be a good way to stop them. However, even in these cases, you should not be raised in a constantly raised voice, because what you want to teach them will be understood by switching to a normal voice again. (VIA)Related links:


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