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What does the abbot depend on, what is the child's treasure?

What does the abbot depend on, what is the child's treasure?

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It turns out that it is much more important for a father to have a child with speech development than we previously thought.

The baby they start learning the language before birth. According to research, it is already in the womb that they recognize the voice of the people they hear in the third trimester and, of course, prefer the sound of their mother over a stranger. Although the relationship between mother and baby is very soon established, dads also have an important role to play in the development of small speech development. , the areas of language learning, what they learn from each parent, but they differ.Menghan Zhang, the leader of the study found that while the baby was "tossed" away from the sound and pronunciation of the baby, the baby was much more so from the father. The study showed that there is a strong relationship between paternal genes and lexical characteristics (i.e., words and deafness), whereas maternal genes were more closely related to phonetic (spoken and pronounced) features in F. According to Fathers, children are probably more important in the development of children's speech development between the ages of 2 and 3 years than mothers.The Apostle Depends on the Child's Treasure Researchers at the University of North Carolina at the University of North Carolina made video recordings of parents and toddlers as they played at home. It has been observed that the little ones whose father has spoken with more diversified use, he was a much more advanced Shutian one year after they were re-examined. Surprisingly, however, the mother's use of lucidity did not affect children's speech development in any particular way. Unless otherwise, this study emphasizes the importance of the role of both parents in the child's upbringing. "This study has shown that in two-parent families where both parents work, fathers should do everything in their power to take care of their children and make them look like children. or not, "he says Nadya Panscofar, one of the leaders of the 2006 study (via
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