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"Family Friendly Hungary" sticker to be affixed to supported cars

"Family Friendly Hungary" sticker to be affixed to supported cars

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Details of large family car assistance have been revealed. Support will be available from July 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022.

In the Hungarian Bulletin, besides the details of the Baby Blood Loan Decree, we also find a decree regulating the elements of car insurance for large families. The decree means support $ 2,500 in Marchbut up to 50% of the valid gross purchase price at the time of purchase - according to the Index.You can add support for up to 7 person cars for those who are married or in a life relationship have at least 3 kids, who are still eligible for the Family Party. Children include 12-week-old fetuses, meaning they can be picked up after two children if the mother is pregnant again. You cannot sell a supported car for three years Applicants must not be in public domain, have a criminal record and must have a registered residence in Hungary. Parents must also be licensed and not disqualified from driving. The cars must be labeled "Family Friendly Hungary". The logo must be posted on the Department of Human Resources website and the car dealer will be required to provide the logo at the time of the conclusion of the financial contract or financial leasing agreement. The EMMI logou on the car must be outside for 3 évig. It is not allowed to sell or convert the car for the same amount of time. If the elidegenнtйsi idхtartama ban has expired, and if the result of the szemйlygйpkocsit mыszaki бllapota kцzъti forgalombуl vйglegesen kivontбk the Kincstбr the claimant or the цrцkцsйnek kezdemйnyezi elidegenнtйsi ban vonatkozу bejegyzйs tцrlйsйt kйrelmйre jбrmыnyilvбntartбsbуl.Ha a breach of the tбmogatott szabбlyok valamelyikйt, you have to pay back government support. Such an important rule, for example, is if you sell your car or if you divorce or break up a life partnership. If for any reason you need to pay back your support amount, you should take care of it within 15 days, but you can apply for a 12 month deferral or a 36 month installment payment on your social or income reward. Available until December 31, 2022.Related articles in family policy:
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