Children's Day at the Town Hall

Children's Day at the Town Hall

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Everyone is taken to programs outside, given a gift on the last Sunday of May, but anyone who is in the hospital stays on the regular daily routine. Unless charitable organizations organize a children's day like they do at Heim Paul and Madras Boulevard.

Petra is being treated at the Madarab Street Children's Hospital for 4 years and with cancer. Her mother told her not to call her out of law, because she would believe - but Petr was completely impressed with the show, went out on her own and helped me with magic. If necessary, he "flashed" the cloth, the wand, gave it a "magic wand" to paint pictures in a coloring book, and also tested the bells. He acknowledged that he couldn't tear the locked metal rings into a dozen other circles in a single move - the biggest draw for the kids. There was a real playhouse atmosphere in Madras Street Street Playhouse, where the Children's Cancer Foundation organized a children's day for the hematology department. The staff at the foundation came with huge packages, and the inpatients and outpatients of the 15-bed hematology department received books, books for their age, and other fun games, logical games, and more.

Unfortunately, patients in the Hematology Department of the hospital were unable to watch the program, the Foundation staff brought in the gift package, and all the children who had to attend the hospital received outside

The foundation received so many strawberries, peaches, pineapple, peaches, bananas, oranges from its sponsor, MU-TA Kft. There were kids who could taste pineapple for the first time because the parents didn't get that kind of fruit. Families who come to the office on Children's Day can also choose from books, toys. It was a great success that Bonbonetti Choco Kft. Also offered 100 tables of TIBI chocolates, all of them asked and received. The children's day party continued in the courtyard of the Heim Poul Children's Hospital in Délut. The Children's Cancer Foundation brought along Fabbi, a former singer of the Neoton Familia who not only admired the little patients in the children's courtyard, but also brought everyone who was good to dance. And at the Katbang Concert, the kids joined in the singing and chased the dragon in the song so that the king could save the king - played by one of the little patients.
The presentation of the Soroksár Dog School was extremely impressive: for at least three quarters of their time, the school's students were jumping, running, running, looking for objects - children can't afford to be admired. Two rally cars arrived: it was also possible to enter the special, transformed Ladakh. There was a shopkeeper in the yard, the face painting was a great success, and the White Cross Animal League was able to caress not only dogs but also owls and owls.
. One of the special features of the Children's Day was the presence of two good prisoners of conscience at the Juvenile Criminal Enforcement Institute and giving the children the gifts they had prepared. The magnificent images of the fairy-tale characters were made by carnivore, meticulous work. One of the images was referred to the Children's Cancer Foundation by the prisoners, who are also engaged in therapy: this creative work teaches them patience.
It was almost five o'clock by the time the last child left the yard, holding fruit and toys in his hands, and, most probably, all of them had fallen asleep quickly that night.