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6 ares, so it is worth staying fit during your pregnancy

6 ares, so it is worth staying fit during your pregnancy

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Are you expecting a baby? Gratulбlunk! However, a positive pregnancy test should not release you from exercise for the next nine months.

Stay Pregnant!

Anyone who has been exercising regularly until the last month of pregnancy will regain her former form much sooner after childbirth. Anyone who has exercised before should not stop pregnant, and who is just starting out, with a calm heart, can tread, roll, or swim in the water. The essence is nothing but death.

Why stop sports when we get bigger and bigger?

First of all, mothers who exercise regularly are less likely to bring a "baby" into the world, while those who do not exercise are more likely to give birth to a bigger baby, New Zealand. Because the children of athletic mothers come to the world with a lower weight, they are less likely to die in the world.

It will protect you from excessive obsession

While women are overweight by 10 to 15 kilograms during pregnancy, there are those who take much more for themselves. According to researchers at Chapel Hill University in North Carolina, if a toddler walks 30 minutes every day, it reduces the risk of excessive obesity by 8 percent. Find another little baby in the neighborhood and walk the street three or three times a week. You will continue to push this stroller!

We can relieve the need

Exposing a little man to ourselves is not just any physical exercise. (The result, on the other hand, is worth every bit of suffering!) Pregnant women who exercise 12 to 16 minutes a day during pregnancy have an average of 30 minutes shorter time to give birth to their baby, learns Acta Obstetricia et Gyn.

It will protect you from postpartum depression

Up to 30 minutes of exercise a week can be lost from "baby blues". According to a study by the University of North Carolina, exercise during pregnancy reduced the risk of postpartum depression by 34 percent. Exercise-producing endorphin hormone can make your baby's days calmer and lighter.

It is also effective against back pain

The big tummy loads the spine, so 80 percent of pregnant women suffer from waist or back, - published in Musculoskeletal Medicine. Proper exercise, which counteracts the tightening of the back, can reduce this pain. Twice a week we should go to the gym or go jogging.

Reduces the risk of complications

Regular exercise not only reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, but also the risk of premature birth, says a study at Chapel Hill University in North Carolina. So if your goal is to bring a healthy baby to the world, and what's more, you should add exercise to your list of "things to do".


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