Intimate gymnastics

Intimate gymnastics

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Because of our living conditions, lifestyle, and dietary habits, we are increasingly dealing with minority complaints. These can be used to solve many problems with the Aviva Tournament.

It is only natural for us to have ever broader knowledge of our living world, moving away from the processes played in our own body And our woman comes to an end. Many times in the doctor's office we get a cold shower with the condition: there is a problem, you will need treatments, medicines. However, there is a natural five, that is Aviva, which can help restore the lost balance. The method is of Hungarian origin Aviva Steiner was developed by someone who recognized that our muscles can change the hormonal state of our body.

The gymnastics

Movement and that's it pre-made gestures they cause blood cancer and increased vitamin, hormone and energy circulation in the lower body. This results in healthy functioning of the internal genitals and can also prevent the fallopian tubes from sticking. There are many problems with this exercise: regular, short-term, and pain-free menstruation can be used to help prevent pregnancy, reduce pregnancy, we can get rid of cysts, polyps, and ours, but we can also relieve the symptoms of the changing age. The gym also has a series of moves for men. With regular exercise you can prevent and eliminate potency disorders, reduce the incidence of discomfort due to prostate disease, and increase sperm count significantly.

Predefined exercise sequences cause increased blood circulation and increased vitamin, hormone and energy circulation

Where and how do we get started?

The Aviva The essence of the method can be learned in the framework of a modest course. Here teach you eighteen basic exercises, The participants will also be discussed personally as to who has come to the tournament. Personal presence is important as the course leader assigns the sequence, frequency and recurrence of the tasks to the participants in a personalized way. After that, it is possible to practice the gym on a weekly basis. Qualified educators work throughout the country so everyone can find a group close to where they live.
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