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How much dirt does a child need?

How much dirt does a child need?

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We could quote dozens of research studies that prove that the ultra-hygienic environment is costing a thousand fronts, so there is something about that "one kilo of food a year" ...

The first child, of course, is another. It also has to do with hygiene "gags". Such:
  • Wash clothes outside at 90 degrees, then dry in the sun, ironing outside.
  • Making dummies, baby bottles, anything on the bar, anywhere, anytime.
  • Flush the floor with the roughest disinfectant.
  • The dirty praclics and the manual sweeping of the surfaces in contact with them.
  • Parental attention to playful military rigor is that when anything comes into the child's mouth and in the event of trouble comes a forceful mouth call to help the tiny child's body,
  • The baby carriage appliqué in the shopping trolley is when the family starts shopping, or the shopping trolley has a minimum of 99.9% sterilization.
That's fine, really. Elsхre.
      As capacity decreases, concern and a
crooked mousse
    m, even as the number of children in the family grows, we are slowly starting to give up on these things, and we have to decide what to spend our time on. Perhaps we can guess that the child has no problem even if his socks are not crunched ... And slowly we find ourselves:
  • The pacifier is either rinsed or not rinsed
  • Sometimes, under the title of washing, plain water will do it, if not otherwise.
  • Baby clothes are thrown at daddy's pose, 30-40 degrees, ironing is an unknown concept, rather we hang out
  • On the floor, sometimes the child will be allowed to eat the fluffy rings thrown out of the feeding chair, and washing is also rarer
  • Instead, you should be careful not to get drowned in what you are talking about, and not to be poisoned by what you play.

What you really care about!

You should often disinfect trash and litter, waste kitchen sponges and endboards that are used in the kitchen. Licking your shoes, or even your money, may not be the best dolls, and they are littered with dangerous divers. Strict washing is recommended if you check in from outside, especially in the garden, after a break in the sand, or when returning home on a public transport device.

Let it be dirty!

There is really no problem with the cough: infectious pathogens, which are a source of disease, are not always accompanied by the visible cough, so the aforementioned lazy child's immune system is also involved. Let it shine, sand, become acquainted with the world, do not despise it if your clothes, hands, face are smeared, everything can be washed away, everything can be lost, and experience is lost.Related materials:


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