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The kids work in the church

The kids work in the church

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Prepare yourself for a third-year baby as you hurry to the school yard for your buddies, popping a ball at the big break.

Imagine that the same little boy breaks the rocks in the dark, from dawn to dusk, where the adult boas do not fit in…
Worldwide, 115 million children worldwide carry out work that is dangerous to their health and physical and mental development. In Bolivia, 7,000 children work in gold and silver.

The smaller the child is, the more he or she will be sent to missions ...

Cerro Rico, a rich mountain, is the name of one of the most dangerous lanes in the world. This is how it works, once the largest silver stock on the American continent.
The thirteen-year-old lives in a hut next to one of the mines' mines Agustin. He has done heavy physical work in the mine for two to nine years. At that time he was paid $ 3 a day by the older potters, but he quit his busy work, and now he gives more guides to the potters. - You have to go far enough to bring up the books. The majority of children work in less, less, and lighter bulbs. Subsequently, the Ministry of Labor ranked work in the most dangerous forms of child labor as jeopardizing the health of children and obstructing their participation in education.

They pray to Uncle Jorge

The baby is tight, there is hardly any air. When Agustin drives, he distributes a plastic helmet and headgear to the group. There is an altar in the vault where the poets call upon Uncle Jorge, the patron saint, to protect them from accidents. Drinks, cigarettes, and alcohol are also left here, hoping that Uncle Jorge will lead them straight to the richest place
. One of the kids who worked in the barnSantiago, Agustin's fifteen bastards. With its small body, it fits into tight spaces that older whores can't. He loosens the rocks and then puts the rook on an older boy who has a wheelbarrow in his head. Pull the full car out into the open through a narrow tunnel. Santiago flips the contents of the car, which is then transported by truck. And it goes on from day to day, without fail.
Santiago and Agustin live with their cousins ​​at the entrance of the pancake. None of them go to school. Their mother is rarely with us, she works on a remote mission. Their father, like most of the minions here, died of lung disease. According to the inhabitants here, the average age of whitetails is around forty years. According to UNICEF's Bolivian Child Welfare Officer, children are working in poverty because of poverty and the families of families. UNICEF and the government have introduced new measures to prevent child labor from being exorcised. - Children who regularly go to school receive financial assistance. We contribute to family income to help cover the cost of education - the organization says. Of course, Agustin can't imagine his life without the pimp - the source of income he knows best.
- Ninny's a lot of tourists, so we can make money. Maybe one day we'll have two or three leaders. - Adds: - If you are a doctor, patients may become ill. Teachers are bound by all kinds of rules. But no one tells the tour guide what to do. You only need to know English. - Agustin and Santiago are still looking at the opportunities in the pit.


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