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What You Can Do to Prevent a Baby from Getting Tips from a Professional

What You Can Do to Prevent a Baby from Getting Tips from a Professional

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Summer holidays have been raging for two months, and so are the day-to-day lives of children. The risk of infection is reduced.

All You Can Do to Keep Your Child Bed (photo by: iStock)Not only is the risk of infections lower because children are less likely to be infected, but their immune systems are stronger in the summer months, Dr. Emma Jeszenszky gyermekgyуgyбsz. Then the fall came and the pediatric clinics are full of children with a variety of infectious diseases. However, can we do something to prevent school sickness? That's what MediCall's doctor was looking for. rush and lots of extra tasks. At home, you may have a healthier, more balanced, more nutritious diet, more relaxation, not to mention outdoor activities, sports, "said MediCall It is interesting to note, however, that according to Dr. Emma Jeszenszky, the seasonality of illnesses has disappeared after years. In the past, colds, sore throats, and infections of the intestinal system have dominated in the summer, but now, things can always happen. And when you start school, you have a much greater chance of confusing these diseases. Cold, wet weather and warm weather occur at the same time, as the air often warms up in the sun during the day and can be lost. In this case, catarrhal, hoarseness, sore throat symptoms, and hot colds from the playground are common. All this, in the first three weeks of September, raises the number of sick children to the winter average. But what can we do about it?

1. Do not mess with your child immediately

In the pediatrician's experience, children often get fatigued by the end of the first two weeks. It is difficult to get used to early emergence, and many tasks suddenly become frustrated (of course, this is also true of grubs). Try to gradually charge them and increase your workloads in small increments plus extra work and extra workloads.

2. Enhance Children's Common Joy, Boost Your Immune System

There are well-known methods, multivitamins, immunosuppressives that can be used by all, which can help to ensure a smooth return to school and kindergarten weekdays. Recently, the probiotic, which is used to strengthen the bluff, is gaining in importance. Which of these children is really decided by them is a matter of individual choice and of their tendency to become ill. However, daily intake of vitamin C and vitamin D is recommended for everyone.

3. Sleep and regular exercise can be key

Make sure you keep enough sleep and quality sleep in your child's daily routine. Include sport in the life of your child, even if it is not so catchy for team sports at school. Find the right kind of exercise and help you love it.

4. Liquids, fluids, fluids

Continuous hydration is very important not only during the summer, but also during school hours. Of course, this can happen with your daily food intake, so the water content of the soup and fruit can be calculated in the same way, but try to bring the remaining amount into the body in the form of water. One hungry child needs one liter of fluid a day, for schoolchildren, one liter is 1.2 liters, and for early school leavers, one liter is a day. It is useful to get children used to it at a very young age.

5. Regular, midnight meal

Don't leave anyone at home without breakfast! It can be a sandwich with mashed up cheese, cheese, but it can be such a trendy oatmeal today that you can turbo with fruit and oil seeds. Of course, eating at least once a day is recommended. Also, it is worth avoiding the regular intake of carbonated, sugary yeasts, refined white sugar and flour, as well as energy drinks for older children. According to Dr. Emma Jeszenszky, it is generally accepted by pediatricians to have a few sunburns, sore throats, coughing, needs medical advice.Also, there are advisory options available today, such as the MediCall mobile app, which can help you make sure your baby is worth your while. "All of this can work during summer and public holidays, of course you need to get certified to school and kindergarten, so practically every sick child has to go to the clinic. to see a doctor "- says the pediatrician.Source: Medicall About MediCall:
MediCall is a web and mobile application developed by Dr. Google for remedies, which is an alternative for those who want a quick and professional answer to a health problem, but not the internet. that patients can request telephone assistance from their chosen specialist physicians on a per second basis, which can be followed up by others to help them choose.
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