If we spend time with a child

If we spend time with a child

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There are many reasons to move. We can go smaller and cheaper, bigger and nicer - unfortunately, one thing is for sure: we see a lot of nervous people. Fortunately, smart design can help reduce the pain of the hunger a bit.

Before leaving: the author's biggest and smallest child

Moving for a child is quite different from the eyes of an adult. Dad and mom are really nervous about rational things: how can they pack up on time, how difficult it will be to get the furniture upstairs, whether they will put all the stuff in their new home, when they will have a connection, with no time Emotional Losses autopsy.But with the eyes of a kid, moving is nothing short of astonishing a series of painful farewells. We would think that a child is a flexible mind: family is the most important relationship, and no matter where we sleep, we live. However, it is worth paying attention to what the little one feels, even if he does not speak roulette. If you are well prepared and given time to get used to the idea of ​​change, your pain will be much less.When is it worth telling him? The sooner, the better! Let's get him involved in the design phase, tell him why he needs to move, and let him know that this will make the whole family happy. Encourage her to feel free to express her feelings, and share her feelings with her so that she is free to express her feelings. There are three main stages of migration: a kйszьlхdйs, the move day And a letelepedйs idхszaka. It is worthwhile to actively involve the child in all of them.

Get ready!

At the time of preparation, the most important thing is to make the child aware that change is very good. For this, feel free to maximize the kid-friendly benefits of a new place: the garden, being close to the park, getting an outside room, or having a large kitchen can have breakfast for the whole family; at the same time, emphatically assert that old good things are moving from life to the new place: your old bed, your toys, your beloved poster on the wall, the little books you usually eat. It is very important for your child to pack his stuff carefully, label it, and keep every single piece of it. Bar move is great when you move, oppose him and don't start sorting your stuff now.If you really want to get rid of some stuff, and you think you might not get it, don't throw away all that stuff. A good way to do this is to pack it in the box you want to throw away and not to unpack it in the new house. If your child is not looking for it in half a year, it can be thrown away, but if you were to miss it, you can take it out of the chamber.

Move in together!

Friends and relatives often offer help with taking the child for a couple of days instead of packing and shoeing. At first glance, it may seem like a good idea to get rid of a little bit of chaos at the time of coming home to a new, nicely furnished home, but after school, this is not a fortunate choice. The effect is a sudden change causes a very strong loss in your child, it is scary to know that you suddenly lose the most important, stable point in your life: your home.Serious anxiety can develop in him and he may not want to leave home or breast for months, he didn't see. If it is possible, it is more fortunate to ask a friendly friend to come over and take care of the baby while moving. Moving exciting adventure for the child to experience a change of state and wonder about the changing nature of things. His statue, which suddenly turns out and looks much larger, is a new home that is slowly filling up with home stuff. The point is that today we eat dinner at the house because of the lack of dishes and how strange it is to go to the new toilet. needs to be done. Moving day is really hard work for everyone and a little kid can be very much under foot. If you feel like it, you don't have the energy to listen to it, try to spend as little time as possible, and try to take the time to say goodbye to your old home, and welcome the new one as soon as possible.

Say goodbye slowly!

If you are moving far, you may think you have no reason to go back to your old home. A little playthrough isn't worth living in the car, others live in the apartment, it's crazy to look in their windows at how they live. It can also annoy the child, because in vain, we cannot turn the wheel of time back, we cannot go back. It is very likely that many children will react very violently when returning to old places. You may think she will be crying, sad - but these feelings need not be feared. THE nostalgia good thing it will calm down soon and it will be easier to accept the new place if you make sure that the old one has not disappeared. I got it, it just changed. And the change is good. You'll be welcomed at the old grocery store, your neighbor will definitely let you in, and maybe the old ladies will allow you to peek in. Yes, things have changed. But if you give it some time, you will soon hear that he is happy to tell you what it is like to live in a new place. And as the weeks and months pass, the new home slowly builds. Soon everything will be full of toys, welcoming you to the new shop, and when you whip it on the freshly painted wall, don't yell, just smile, because it means you're finally here at home.