Everything for the hands, nothing for the eyes

Everything for the hands, nothing for the eyes

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We can easily create a game to improve tactility. It may also turn out that we can develop ...

- We are looking for different surface materials at home, such as corrugated cardboard, linen, tissue paper, bags, fur. Let's cut out two pieces of equal size from each and hide them in a cloth bag. Let's get it right and search can start: you need to find the same tactile pairs with your eyes closed.
You can color the game by placing only one piece of the pair in the bag in the next round and turning the other on the table. We turned one over - just to see - and searched for the pair out of the sack.

Shut the kids eyes!

Sew a booklet from different textiles. Let's roll your eyes and guess what it is.
Let's filter a lot of small things (dice, kindergarten figure, radar, tweezers, plug, ping-pong ball) into a bag. Also look for some similar shapes. Write down what's in it and ask the kid to take what we say from the bag. How long does it take to find him?
You can get Blind Booty Party Games at the Game Store. With the small eyes of cardboard figures, you have to determine exactly what it is. Not easy: a bunny's ear is like a teapot's beak or a cat's tail. We laugh when we get the baby stroller. They both have wheels!
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