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There was little chance that baby Gabi would be baby

There was little chance that baby Gabi would be baby

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The singer is astonishingly happy that in a miraculously bound way, he has accomplished what he has done better and lost his faith completely: he has a new life under his heart.

Naturally, there was a relatively small chance of getting pregnant - at 19, a large cyst removed the right ovary and left ovary. Doctors said there was little chance that Gabi would have a baby on a natural evening. It was a huge surprise for singer and partner Krausz Gabor, when he found out - despite the medical evidence - that he was expecting a child.
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With the above image and this photo, I gave the little announcement on the singer's Instagram page, "Maybe it's because I haven't felt good lately, because my inexplicable calm has awakened my soul, when a little soul begins to develop in it. A few days after Gob's engagement, it has turned out that the sick are infatuated, so that unhappiness has become an enormous happiness. and because the doctors did not promise me much good, now we have love, grace, and I have listened to my prayers. I wanted you to know that a little life is coming under my heart. I need to take care of myself and the little one. I gave up hope that it would ever break, but we were called to a new role, which we are endlessly sorry for and very much to be appreciated because it is truly a miracle that we have been given the opportunity. That's why I can't step on stage for a while now. I need to pay close attention, relax a lot and live in peace. I ask our customers to understand that this is the most important thing for us now and I hope that in the future I will return to places I can't go to with gorgeous concerts. I ask the public to try to think of us with love. Now, the bad is not going into our lives, just the good of the word, the dude, to stay with us for this little life. We are happy to be able to share our life with you and to come to us with love. Kцszцnjьk. "