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Pregnancy and Sex - Beliefs and Truths

Pregnancy and Sex - Beliefs and Truths

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There are different misconceptions about the dangers of sexual life and the impact on sexual life underneath the chart. The most characteristic of the number and commentary is dr. We ask Peter Severin.

It is possible to crash during pregnancy

Let's see what we think (most of the time) about sexual life during pregnancy!Tйvhit: Increases the risk of miscarriage.
The truth is: In the case of a healthy physiological condition a extreme sexual intercourse does not increase the risk of miscarriage.Tйvhit: Increases the chance of premature birth.
The truth is: There are substances in the semen that play a role in the initiation of labor, preterm birth, or normal birth, but the mechanisms responsible for maintaining the condition counteract this effect and protect the pregnancy. Occasionally we meet women who present with threatening or onset premature symptoms in the birth room and have had sexual intercourse prior to shooting. However, this should not be rewarded. In the case mentioned, premature birth occurred because they did not take or relieve the symptoms of premature birth threats, such as abdominal pain, bleeding, and uterine confluence.Tйvhit: It contributes to vaginal infection.
The truth is: Why would you want a man as clean as he used to be? In the course of this condition, vaginal inflammation and vaginal ulceration occur more frequently, irrespective of sex. Genital cancers have a tendency to slow, circulatory circulation prone to inflammation. However, this is completely independent of sexual activity. There is a need to pay more attention to sanitation and hygiene.
Tйvhit: The mechanical effect of penetration can be dangerous.
The truth is: Awesome, hilarious sex is not dangerous. Of course, a man must look out for his partner. Perhaps the previously used gesture, form of pacing, has now caused more unpleasant sensations. It's good for the couple to adjust to the changed circumstances. To do this, it is imperative that you express your senses, meaning that you have to tell your partner what you are and are not. It should also be borne in mind that hand and mouth stimulation can also be rewarding.

After the reunion

Tйvhit: Parenting is undermined by the sexual life of couples because it does not make a good impression on a man if he sees a woman during childbirth.
Let's get to know the truth a bit more: Few years of exhilarating examinations were carried out at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical University of Debrecen dr. Peter Severin for initiating and leading. Single-parent couples sent a question about a year after their child came to the world with questions about their sexual life. It turned out to be egyьttszьlйs mainly the qualitative change in feelings: the child's birth status increased the sense of belonging, and the couples moved closer together. What's more, we were able to articulate our sexual expectations for our partners better, more accurately, and more openly. Many have just defied the father's permission to do so. The results of the Debrecen study challenged this assumption. There were a negligible number of couples whose sexual relationship was compromised by the parent. In the wake of the disorderly and, in particular, specialty assessment, professionals have believed that single parenting has a positive effect on parent-child relationships, on the promotion of sexual life, and on quality.Related Articles:
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