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Left-handed or left-handed?

Left-handed or left-handed?

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At the very least, by the time of kindergarten, he decides which hand to use for drawing and eating, which is the dominant hand. Motor activities, such as the center of awareness, are in one of the brains, usually to the left.

Nerve poles cross, so the left brain controls the right side of our body. Eighty percent of people feel smarter and use their right hand rather because their brain control (on the left) controls it. The inverse position of the brain center is less frequent, in this case the left hand is narrower.

It is up to high school to decide what kind of guarantor the child will be

The infant initially uses both hands equally, and gradually develops the dominance of one hand. It is important to carefully observe these five activities and we do not want to be persuaded to use one of our hands. When you jump on a ball, which ball do you use? Which hands do you use to place the balls or cubes in the box or bag? With which hand to tie the beads, unscrew the cap from the glass? In these activities, one hand holds the bag, string, glass, the gin, the dominant one. Do you really use the "right" hand in the forgotten games - the spoon, the pencil, has already been handed to us. You may also use both hands or throw with your right hand, but you will shoot with your left foot. It is important to find out whether you are left-handed or right-handed, and accordingly acquire a special hand for the left-hander, and shift the table light source to the right. Recruitment for the Right Hand, the "familiarization" act is unnecessary and harmful.
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