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Pregnancy test positive, no baby?

Pregnancy test positive, no baby?

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In most cases, the tests show pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are situations where the red line on our paperboard means a lot.

Is the pregnancy test positive?

Buying a pregnancy test is all about excitement. Doing it is even bigger. If you want a baby, then you have managed to get pregnant. If not, we can only hope that the test will be negative. You know that any brand you miss, and that the instructions you follow are strictly followed, you will not be 100% sure of the results. In any case, you should consult your specialist for a missed period and a positive test. In this case, the majority of women are diagnosed with ultrasound in most cases, and in significantly less cases with other diagnoses. Ultrasound can also detect ovulation, whether it is inside or outside the uterus. hormone that would have shown. Therefore, we should never be confident in a test in our hands until we have taken a medical examination.

What to look for when performing the test?

The test is positive when the fertilized egg is ingested and the body starts producing hCG hormone. Increasing amounts of this hormone daily and it shows the burden of urine. The level of hCG is higher in the morning, so it is recommended to perform the test in the first urine after waking up. " specificity: how many false positives) is different.You may want to read the user manual before you test it. or possibly bleeding, flow can influence the test result. The expiration date of the test is very important, "he says. Dr. Nyirбdy Tamбs you are an adjunct professor of childbirth.

What can the test show besides being pregnant?

The tests are able to detect pregnancy after at least one week after having missed a menstrual period. There are a number of reasons why they may indicate a positive, "false positive" result. a so-called biochemical pregnancy A pregnancy is created which is actually a pregnancy, but for some reason it does not develop further but is interrupted so a visible pregnancy does not occur. Obviously, the situation is similar to a few days after a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, or a pregnancy test. every pregnancy is easy lehetхsйgйt. This can lead to the loss of your life in a very short, very short time. In this case, the uterus is still looking for pregnancy by ultrasound, but it is not always easy to find it. At low values, values ​​are not necessarily important, but how they change over a period of two days. Of course, high values ​​are already a sign in itself. If the ultrasound is no longer pregnant, laparoscopy is recommended. "

The test can show medicine or even tumors

Who would think that when we take a medication for a particular problem, it could give us a positive pregnancy test? " hCG injection they mainly cause this situation. After that, it is worth waiting 2 weeks for the test. Other medications may also occur: antipyretics, antiparkinsonian drugs, certain anti-emetic drugs, antihistamines, tranquilizers, diuretics (diuretics). Such is the so-called trophoblastic tumor, when it is not a pregnancy that is created, but a type of tumor that comes from the combination of a human germ cell and an egg. In some cases, especially cheaper tests, some other hormones can also give positive results. Such is the case in menopause LH hormone emelkedйse. Ovaries do not cause a tumor or cyst. Special very rare tumor a cell tumor of the pancreaswhich also causes such a condition, "says the expert.Interesting articles in this topic: