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Kid in the hospital - or sick children in numbers

Kid in the hospital - or sick children in numbers

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Most of the time there is immeasurable pain and harassment for parents when their children go to hospital. Last year, more than 187,000 mothers had to face it.

Although most children moved home after a few days, unfortunately more than 6,000 were in need of further hospitalization. On the occasion of World Patient Day on February 11, K&H collected the most important data on sick children in 2013, with 3432 children in hospitals in Hungary. Their utilization was 67 percent. Last year, more than 187,000 children were hospitalized in Hungary, with an average of 4.5 days spent in children's health care institutions. Among the small patients, 1,234 were lucky enough to go home that day, and 181,000 were able to leave after few days. 6014 were in need of longer treatment, continued in other wards, and unfortunately 382 died.
Every year, 25,000 children are admitted to the hospital because of various accidents. Most hospital admissions are caused by rainfall. This is followed by poisoning, icy or boisterous, and frightening early childhood, and traffic accidents later in life. Fatal child injuries are most often caused by traffic accidents and drowning.

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The most common infectious diseases in childhood were varicella, scarlet fever and infectious diarrhea. The most common chronic childhood disease is asthma, where the number of serious life-threatening seizures has decreased, but the number of milder cases continues to increase.
Over the past 11 years (10 years of appeal), K&H has added HUF 483 million to support Hungarian children's health to help physicians make wise decisions and thus help patients. Of the total amount of support, 325 million were received by rural institutions, which mean an average of 17.1 million HUF per county.


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